Mudflood: The Aftermath

27 March 2002 15:17

Spent the whole day cleaning up the mess outside the house. I now know what hard labor feels like. There's so much mud out there, if you gather a crowd you can have a mini Woodstock! Fortunately, we have a high pressure electric water pump, so that made it "somewhat" easier to flush away the mud from the porches. Still, nothing much could be done about the mud in the garden. Some Members of Parliament (MP), representatives and reporters also came visiting, taking pictures, etc. and promised to do something about it. We'll see if they can keep to their promises. Shortly after that, some of the developer's contractors came over to clean the mess up from the garden. In their attempt to shovel out the mud, they ended up shovelling the grass that was already there in the first place. In short, almost everything in the garden is now ruined. So much for that. Rumor has it that the developers now know they're in deep shit (they're not supposed to even start development work since the Government didn't approve the project!) that they're willing to give kickbacks so that they'll be off the hook. I'd like to see if they succeed. If they do, it just goes to show how fucked up the people running the District, State, Country are and how low they're willing to go to fulfil their personal interests at the expense of the public who voted for them. The track record hasn't been so good so far...

Update (Wed, March 27, 2:30pm): We made the news in a Chinese daily.


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