I Got A Ticket To Ride (ERL)

23 March 2002 15:52

Got the chance to ride on the ERL before it was even open for public testing! Right after work, Izaidy called up asking if I'm up to it. So the four of us (Bart, Shida, Izaidy and myself) met up after work at KL Sentral and took the 7:15pm train to KLIA. The ride was super smooth and although it was travelling at 160kph, it sure didn't feel like it! This could very well be my choice of transport coming back from KLIA next time around if I were to come back from any overseas trip. I mean, RM35 for a one way trip from KLIA and then a couple of ringgit to the train station near my house is much better than having to pay RM57 for the same one way trip using the KLIA limo service right?


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