Arrogant and Ignorant Americans?

20 March 2002 15:37

I'm really amazed with how arrogant some Americans are with respect to some issues of the world. These people obviously haven't been outside their country much if at all to see the world with their own eyes. Reading up about the world news in the intepretation of its own media and propaganda alone does not give anyone enough perspective to make any judgment. As is obvious in this guy's writings. His particular take on the world is fucked and the discussion that ensued really got me riled up. Sure, every other place in the world is fucked except for America. Everything that is bad is not the fault of America, everything that is good is because of America. Yerright! The crisis in the Middle East is escalating because in the eyes of most people of the world, America took a wrong stand on the issue. Innocent people of Afghanistan and Iraq has to suffer because of America's attempt to chase out terrorists and so called oppressors by blowing the place to bits and impose sanctions that is not unlike holding hostages for ransom. America chose not to involve itself when Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Chechya when it was under a tyrant's seige carrying out a mass orgy of ethnic cleansing in broad daylight. AIDS is spreading because of the American media's propaganda on free casual sex. No one else in this world can build nukes except America. America blamed my country for not taking any action on the supposed hijackers on one of the planes involved in the events of September 11 when they were in the country the year before (and subsequently labelled it as a launch pad for terrorist activities), but did not blame itself for letting those people in and provide them with aviation training on their own soil. The world has to conform to American standards or way of doing things, otherwise they will be forcefully imposed on. Any views given by any other country America consults with is irrelavant and merely academic. They'll go ahead with their plans anyways despite objections with partnering countries. Isn't it obvious to you already why some people of the world loathe your country?


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