Mat Duan's Graduation Celebration

17 March 2002 14:51

The Purdue grads of Class of 1996 thru Class of 2000 held a small suprise graduation party for Mat Duan. It was the very least we all could do for a guy who, without a doubt, was the most helpful person without haste anyone who was in Purdue could come across. To quote some:

    "Memang Mat Duan was a great help in Purdue... hujan.... ribut.. snow.... you name it... memang dia tolong dengan Daytona merah tu....." - Bard

    "Mat Duan is one of the most helpful human beings I've ever met." - Bart

    "He's really really helpful.." - Fazilah

    "Rasa terhutang budi kat Md Duan sebab dia banyak tolong bebudak masa kat Purdue dulu." - Bogo

Kinda hard to forget someone who made quite an impression to all of us there, isn't it?

So Duan, many congratulations! The best of luck in whatever you do after this! To quote a TV sitcom character (whose show seems to elude me at the moment): "Welcome to real world! It sucks, but you're gonna love it!"

To those who didn't get to make it, pictures are here.


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