Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

25 February 2002 05:18

It's sometimes funny how Malaysian Muslims celebrate Eid. Eid-ul Adha is actually the bigger celebration as compared to Eid-ul Fitr but we get it the other way around here. And since it falls on a Saturday, it pretty much went by like almost any other Saturdays, at least to me. We performed the Eid prayers as usual in the morning and after that just pretty much lazed around to let the afternoon pass by. Went to Md. Zin's place later and Bart made it to my place after that. On his way out to grab the camera in his car, Bart accidentally walked into the sliding door glass and smashed it. Heck! I would too 'cos the glass door's too freaking clean! It was bound to happen sometime. Anyways, good thing he only suffered a minor cut near his eyebrow.

We later went out to KLCC in the evening and since they're there, I brought them up to my office at the 64th floor of Tower 2. Heh! Yeah, I know it's rather lame bringing your friends to your workplace but where else can you actually get a good view of the evening skyline in KL? ;) Got to watch "Shallow Hal" later at Bart's place after dinner at Ampang Yong Tau Foo. I was hoping it would out-gross "Something About Mary" but it didn't turn out so. Wasn't too disappointed though. It's still enjoyable. I'd give "Shallow Hal" a 6/10.


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