Local Calls To Cost More

21 February 2002 13:17

First it was petrol (gas to you Yanks!), then toll and now phone. I suppose it is inevitable. So beginning March 1, local calls would cost slightly more. What boggles the mind is that Telekom makes profits (and I mean, big-ass profits, in the *pinkyfinger-to-mouth* hundreds of millions) year after year and not once have they announced any price cuts or such. So, what's in store for us after the price hike? I'm guessing nothing. We still have to put up with their piss poor service and such and neither do I recall they do any upgrades to their facilities that will allow for a more pleasant user experience after gaining such huge profits. My other guess is that the pie has to be made bigger so that it is able to be shared among many more of those high staffed people at the company. Here's something to ponder upon: Most companies would opt to run their company "lean" and some high execs have even opted to take pay cuts during this economic conditions for the sake of saving the company and most importantly, their customers. I guess that principle doesn't apply at Telekom.


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