Happy Smoochy Mushy Day

15 February 2002 14:45

So, it's February 14. Couples all over the world are going all mushy and smoochy today. Love was definitely in the air this evening. I was doing my usual evening run at the KLCC park and couples were just all over the place! You name it, man-woman, boy-girl, man-man (!), they were there. Even saw a young couple (boy-girl) french-kissing at a spot in the park. Awwww! Heh! But it's certainly something you don't see a lot of in public, especially here in Malaysia, since most people here have something against public show of affection, even between married couples. I dunno. I really don't see what's wrong with that. It's not like they're lustfully groping each other or anything. *shrug* Anyways, I don't really see why there should be this one special day that you'd want to celebrate your love. To me, each and every day you spend with a loved one would be a day that you'd want to celebrate and your love for that someone is not just heightened on this one day. Commercial outlets are of course, taking advantage of the day by offering Valentine's specials, with most of them hiking the price of chocolates, greeting cards, teddy bears, etc. I don't mind them dinner specials though 'cos some of them are really, really good! Hmmm, I'm going hungry whilst people are going smoochy. Happy Valentine's to all you couples out there!


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