Exit Snake, Enter Horse

13 February 2002 12:32

The Chinese lunar calendar today ushers in the Year of the Horse. So Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my Chinese friends. As is usual in every year, the house that my family visits every year is my God Grandma's place in Sungai Chua. Surprised that I have a Chinese God Grandma? Well, if it weren't for her last time when I had a fit as a baby, God knows if I were able to be here and be doing this very thing right now. Alas, she hasn't really been in the best of health and her memory is fading in and out, especially since she had a brain tumor removed a couple of years back. She also used to make the best "Kaya" (a kinda paste you spread over bread) ever! We really, really miss that.

Took some time later in the afternoon to visit my good ol' friends, Roger and Raymond. I've known the twins (and their folks) since kindergarten (pre-school to you Yanks!) and I'm just glad that we're still able to keep it up to this day. Finding new friends is easy but keeping them over the years is another thing altogether.


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