nVidia Launches GeForce4

8 February 2002 05:54

So, nVidia today launched the new GeForce4 graphics card. Hardly a year ago, I bought an Asus V8200 Deluxe card which was equipped with a GeForce3 and to date, I hardly see any games or applications that actually take full advantage of the Geforce3 featureset like pixel shaders or such. But existing applications (mostly games) that taxes the graphics card to the limits (like Quake, Max Payne, etc.) runs real sweet on it. Anyways, I don't regard the GeForce4 as being revolutionary such as when the GeForce3 came out. No doubt the GeForce4 is a much faster card but there's really nothing new as far as the architecture is concerned. There are a couple of new featured introduced in the new GeForce4 but I reckon its not so much of a compelling reason to upgrade (Those things burn quite a big hole in your wallet too!) so the GeForce3 card will definitely remain in my PC for a while.


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