Malaysian Comedy Pest 2002

27 January 2002 18:31

Whoohoohoo! I've never laughed so hard for four straight hours in my lifetime ever! And I never thought I could break a sweat from laughing too! I just came back from watching Malaysian Comedy Pest 2002 at The Actor's Studio, Bangsar. It was certainly worth all the money spent! The performers, Patrick Teoh, Comedy Court, Harith Iskandar and Afdlin Shauki, are certainly the best and just damn good! How I wish there were more performances like this! Patrick Teoh kicked the show off introducing the line up and also a cheque presentation to Vision Homes in Ipoh, to which proceeds from the show are forwarded to. Comedy Court (featuring "Two Indian Fellas") then took the stage and they had a skit in which a female reporter from the BBC came down to Malaysia to interview the person on the street. They mocked just about every Malaysian on the street that we'd typically find (a Chinese businessman, a Malay politician, an Indian lawyer, a Chinese pimp and two Auntie characters) and it was certainly dead on! (One of their more memorable lines being "Malaysia, truly Asia!", "Can lah!") Harith Iskandar was up next with his stand up comedy act which again pokes fun at Malaysians. Guys learnt a thing or two from his "Zen of Stillness" in a relationship! After the intermission, Patrick Teoh and Jo Kukathas took the stage, first Teoh as himself and Kukathas as a Y.B. (Yang Berhormat) in a talk show skit and then Teoh as a Security Guard and Kukathas in a character that can be implied as Dato' Shahrizat Jalil (her favorite line being "You are so ignorated/ignoration!" just brought the whole house down!) was in a cloning lab/clinic. Afdlin Shauki was definitely the best of the best! His jab at himself for being fat, his liking for Angelina Jolie, at Siti Nurhaliza (complete with a parody of 'Percayalah'), some inconviniences faced by our Sikh friends after the events of 9/11 (with his spoofing R. Kelly's number to "How I Wish I Can Fly" and Britney Spears' "I'm A Slave For You"), and the rendition of "We Are The World" as would be sung by the original artists, Bollywood artists (imagine We Are The World sung to the tune of "Mein Shayar Tou Nahi" from the movie Bobby), Hong Kong artists and of course, Malaysian artists (We Are The World to the tune of S.M. Salim's Apa Dah Jadi, Search's Isabella, Ella's Layar Impian and Raihan's Bismillah!). Man! Never had I thought Malaysian comedy can be this good! All the thumbs I can get up to all of them for putting a blast of a performace!


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