Of Bad and Irritating Songs

25 January 2002 03:27

Ickk! Did the deejay really have to play that "Can't Get You Outta My Head" song by Kylie Minogue in the morning when people are just about to wake up? That song really lives up to its name. You know how the first thing that you listen to in the morning can stick in your head for the rest of the day? Well now, I just can't get the bloody ditty out of my head! And it's pissing me off! While we're still on topic, there's another song I heard the other day that made me cringe, "Stupid Cupid" by Mandy Moore. Why oh why does she hafta squeal the 'cupid' part in the chorus?! It's worse than the sound of fingernails across a blackboard, if you know what I mean. Urgghhh! Alright, alright. Something to calm me down...

Listening to Olivia - Bizounce


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