Drowned World Concert

24 January 2002 06:25

I was watching Madonna's Drowned World Tour concert on HBO last night. Dang! Can that woman really perform! The whole concert had a very theatrical feel to it and the songs she chose to perform were very well coordinated and staged. I really liked the part where she and the rest of the dancers were "flying" about the stage ala Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Sure beats Siti Nurhaliza's attempt at that! Heh! Imagine a 40-something year old woman kicking the ass of a 20 year old girl doing the same thing. Not to diss Siti or anything (I think she's done a wonderful job so far) but she oughtta try being a bit more "agressive" when performing. Yeah! I have this thing about agressive (and intelligent) women! Dunno why! I just dig 'em!

Ooh! Got two tix for Malaysian Comedy Pest 2002 at The Actor's Studio, Bangsar this Saturday! Reviews have been good so far. Can't wait for Saturday, man!


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