Scenes Of Bangkok - Part 2

10 January 2002 19:18

Part 2 is now available by clicking on the header above. Again, it features more of those things that caught my eye as I was going from one place to another in Bangkok. Among them, an ice cream shop, roadside noodle stall and typical Bangkok traffic. One of the more interesting ones is the exterior of a pub called The Metal Zone. There's this huge bronze statue of a dragon as well as two statues of warriors that made it stand out from the rest of the buildings on the street where the apartment I'm staying at is located. Check it out!

I'm also frickin' tired at the moment. Two consecutive days I was forced to wake up in the wee hours of the morning and retire close to wee hours of the next morning! Ugh! I used to be able to stand those long waking hours (my longest being 64 hours!) but of late, I'd rather hit the sack than stay up. I used to do crazy things back then. Back at uni/college, I'd get out of the house at 2am (yes -- two in the morning!) and rollerblade till dawn, especially during the summer. Ahh! Reminisce!

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1/20/2002 12:34:05 AM #

WOW WOW, *green with envy*
i haven't leave this frikkin' country for YEARS.
heh, the city pics look very... "KL-ish"

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