Scenes of Bangkok - Part 1

4 January 2002 14:01

Aight! Here they are. Some (limited) images of Bangkok that I've come across so far. I know they're nothing much out of the ordinary but that's just as much Bangkok that I'm privileged to see in between my work assignments and stuff. I would definitely be taking more (hopefully interesting) pictures of this place.

Oh yeah! I've stumbled into what I would consider a "happy" accident. Whilst tweaking the settings on my digital camera (a Nikon Coolpix 775), I managed to get it to take some nightshots which I previously thought was not possible with this camera! Coolness! I was already contemplating on selling this one and getting a Coolpix 995 instead but I guess I just don't have to now! Heheheh! Anyways, the results of it can be seen in the photoset.

Happy accidents are almost like epiphanies to me. They obviously don't happen that often but when they do, boy! Does it really get you off the rut or something and just kickstarts you off!

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