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2 December 2001 14:15

It's certainly been a while since I last went to any PC fairs held around KL. Think the last one I went to was back in 1999 when I pre-ordered a 3dfx Voodoo 3 2000 video card. Anyways, I headed there this afternoon with Justin. I wanted to look for CD-Rs as I really needed to unload all those junk I downloaded off the 'Net from my hard disk. Justin wanted to look for an iPAQ PDA expansion sleeve so that he could use that wireless card on his iPAQ. Somehow or rather, it ended up with both of us getting a scanner (a Microtek ScanMaker 3800) each! It's a rather nifty scanner, I'd say. The scans look sharp and crisp to me and the colors need only some minor adjustment after scanning (nothing the 'Auto-level' function in Photoshop can't handle!). The nice bit about this scanner is that it's also able to scan film negatives and transparencies as well. Now you'd be thinking for something like this it might have costed us some. You'd be surprised to learn that we got it for RM 335 each (after a hard bargain with the salesperson from RM 359). It uses the USB interface, comes with some decent photo-editing software and such but I didn't bother installing them since Photoshop has TWAIN support and I'd rather do it from there instead. With that now, I can put all my photo collection onto a more lasting digital medium (i.e. CD-ROM) and save them from getting weathered over time. Oh yeah, I did manage to get those CD-Rs too! :)


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