Personal Website Manager V1.0

25 November 2001 05:40

You would have noticed that I've added the Linkage section on the sidebar now. Yes! And so with that, I think I'd like to declare this Personal Website Manager system as V1.0 feature complete. There may be some very minor bugs lurking here and there but that's just the way it is for now, I guess (Heh! I must be thinking like Microsoft now! Bad, very bad!). However, the one thing that gets my head in is the inconsistency of in the way the whole stuff is coded. I mean, sure the whole thing works fine but HOW the whole thing (e.g. variable declaration and convention, object instantiation, etc.) is built is another thing. I'll get around to cleaning all that up in an upcoming point release. But for now, it's just what it is. Source code will be made available to those who request for now. I'm hoping to make the whole thing publically available and downloadable in the upcoming point release.


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