17 November 2001 03:10

I just got back from work at 10:45am just now. You're wondering, WTF? Well, considering that I went to work YESTERDAY at 7:30am, I think it's only fair! Yeah, was a long day and night. Been awhile too since I last pulled a stunt like this. I'm too dazed to think straight at this moment. All I'm thinking right now is to get through Friday prayers and lunch afterwards in one piece! :P No one's at home at the moment too since the rest of the family are down at JB. Yeah, the whole house to myself! But I guess I'd be sleeping it over instead of enjoying the occasional total ownership of the house. Heh!

Oh yeah, fasting month begins tomorrow. Heh! It was kinda funny at 4am this morning when Mel and I had a sudden panic attack over whether we'd begin fasting today or not since we practically missed watching any TV and were too preoccupied to bother with what's going on outside. :P


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