Windows XP: Really, What's New?

30 October 2001 01:10

I really don't get it as to why people are praisingWindows XP heaps. I mean, if you're talking about the stability that it offers as compared to Windows 9x/ME, I hate to break it to you but lemme tell you this: It's old news, my friend! Linux users would have definitely agreed. But even if you were to confine it within the Windows family, the stability has been there since Windows 2000. Windows XP is really Windows 2000 with the Fisher Price (y'know, the kiddie toy maker!) look and feel on the user interface, which was obviously something they just had to put in since Apple introduced Aqua in OS X. As far as the kernel (core) of the operating system, nothing like the Service Packs can't do to Windows 2000 to get it up to speed with XP (Heh! It'll be interesting to see how users of Windows 9x/ME handle patching their OS with Service Packs and Hotfixes in the future!). Of course, XP has got some other features tacked on to it as well, which to me makes it more of a bloat and subsequently puts a premium on the hardware requirements needed to run the operating system alone, I think. What XP can do, it can be done in Windows 2000 as well, only that it takes a little bit more effort to install the 3rd party drivers, software, etc. But hey! At least they aren't tied to the operating system like in XP (and requires much less resources too)! Besides, those 3rd party stuff have more functionality than the stuff that's bundled into XP so I think I'm gonna let Windows 2000 Professional live on my PC (besides FreeBSD, of course! ;) with its merry bunch of 3rd party software for just a little bit longer (read: until I can't run something I need to use on that OS!) So far, my current set up allows me to do the stuff I need to without hassles, e.g. email, web-browsing, watch VCDs/DVDs and even TV, play games (Quake, Max Payne), word-processing, photo editing stuff from my digicam, play/create MP3s, burn CDs etc. Besides, I don't think I wanna be forking the moolah this soon after forking out quite a bit when I got my copy of Windows 2000 Professional last year (Yes, Virginia! I got the original copy despite the bootlegged version being available in abundance at Imbi Plaza.) and not to mention ditch all the time and effort taken to get the set up to what it is right now.

Still, It'll be interesting to see how well it's gonna go with the consumers and prosumers out there. My bet is that most home users still using 9x/ME will eat XP out of Microsoft's hands much to Bill Gates' delight while those who have invested in Windows 2000 will just let it hang in there some more.


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