Busy Weekend

8 October 2001 10:10

Gee! The weekend turned out to be quite eventful after all. First on Friday evening, I was at my Aunt's wedding (Heh! Corny as it may seem, she's a couple of years younger than I am! In the scheme of things, she's my Mom's cousin). So many congratulations, Tini and Khairi!

Then, I was at MK's farewell lunch party at Planet Hollywood yesterday afternoon. Almost the whole of AMPi's team members were there. He'll be pursuing greener pastures after his stint at AMPi. All the best, dude! Oyez! I finally get to meet his kickass wifey too! Check her out... I mean her site!

This afternoon, Hadi invited me to his month old son's aqiqah and potong jambul ceremony at his place in Seremban. Heh! I wasn't sure how I should go about snipping off a tuft of hair from the baby. God knows I might poke the baby with the scissors or something. Thankfully it all went alright! Alhamdulillah! So congratulations once again, Hadi!


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