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3 October 2001 13:46

Remember I wanted to work on the Bookmark/Link Manager thingy in my post a couple of days ago? Heh! I ended up went working on the Comment posting thingy instead! It wasn't too much effort on the coding portion for the user front end, but it's quite a bit of a job for the admin portion since I'm stuck on how to lay it all out on the screen. Now, this thing is really almost taking on the form of Greymatter, which I really didn't intend to in the first place. Then again, all the stuff under the hood is just different, most notably this site being database driven. Don't get me wrong. I used Greymatter and have in fact, installed it on my machine. The stuff just rocks! I wish I could write something like that. If only I have the patience for programming as I do troubleshooting system or network related issues. Haa!

Speaking of which, I've been spending some time lately browsing the web and have noticed people taking on blogging (weblogging). It's like an online journal thingy, similiar to this one, although I'd like to think that mine's more like Slashdot. Some of them blogs out there make really interesting reading! Reminds me of that book "Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4" by Sue Townsend. I think if the Internet were as popular as it is today, Sue Townsend might just make Adrian Mole write a blog instead! Heheh!


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