ISP's Serious Lag-ness (Part 2)

23 September 2001 03:17

So it turns out that it wasn't the Nimda virus that's causing all the lag on the ISP network. Saw in the newspaper this morning that apparently some undersea cables that connects Asia to the US got cut off. As usual, this has either to do with some fishing trawlers accidentally cutting off those cables when they drag their nets or those sharks thinking those undersea fibre-optic cables look rather tasty. I dunno but I seem to get really restless whenever I have a really bad connection to the 'Net or even when the electricity goes out. Feels like I can't do anything much. Shows you how much of my life is dependant on those two things. I know, I know. I should reprioritize things in my life. I'm gonna be cleaning my room now...


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