ISP's Serious Lag-ness

22 September 2001 02:35

Now this really bites. It seems like everytime there's a new virus attack around, JARING's network would just grind to a halt. :( It happened before during the proliferation of the Code Red virus and I'm guessing this time it's due to the Nimda virus (Heh! I just got it! 'Nimda' is 'Admin' spelt backwards! But why?). C'mon! You're the nation's premier ISP for crying out loud! What kind of service is this?! This is definitely not what I expect, especially since I'm PAYING for it. Mind you, I've been a subscriber of theirs since 1996! Looks like I'll be using TIMENet for a while, at least until Nimda's blown over. I used to use MAXISNet as my backup ISP but since they've decided to go for the pay model, TIMENet looks like a good alternative as a backup ISP in case JARING's connection gets flaky.


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