All I Need To Know About Life I Learned From Computers

  • Get with the program
  • There's no speed limit on the Information Superhighway
  • It's okay if there's a mouse in the house
  • Don't byte off more than you can process
  • It's better to be hard than floppy
  • It's okay to act SCSI every once in a while
  • Some people just can't hack it
  • "Spellchecker" is the best thing since sliced bread
  • You're only as popular as your screen saver
  • You can judge a person by the peripherals they keep
  • You can never tell when you're going to crash
  • Keep a font memory with you at all times
  • If you have a lot of Internal Drive, you'll probably go far
  • Some mornings it's just impossible to get Booted Up
  • Keep your hands off other people's gigabytes
  • Don't forget how much memory you have
  • It's okay if you need a little tech support now and then
  • In cyberspace, no one can hear you scream
  • And remember... Don't just nibble at life's opportunities, take a megabyte!


Geeky and musically inclined male carbon based bipedal life form capable of operating machines that can perform billions of operations per second without bloodshed. Also capable of producing millions of male reproductive cells on a daily basis without even trying. More...


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