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Life's Lessons

18 September 2001 15:53

Here's something that I blatantly ripped off from a poster that I have hanging in my room. I got it when I was still a student at Purdue, after much persuasion by my good friend Rashida. She said I seem to be living it so why not let other people know! Heh! I think it just confirms to the whole world that I'm a geek.

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Mayhem, Pandemonium in NYC; US under attack

12 September 2001 20:24

I was actually glued to the television set for over 5 hours just now. And it was in one sitting. Certainly a record for me in recent times. What I saw unravel before my own eyes on the telly could have been cooked up by some Hollywood movie producer. I actually had to check that my cable box wasn't really tuned in to some movie channel or anything 'cos the stuff that was showing could've been, except it wasn't. It was on live television. What was a significant part of the New York City skyline is no longer there. The twin towers of the World Trade Center got levelled when two apparently hijacked civillian aircraft crashed just minutes apart of each other. In Washington DC, another hijacked civillian plane crashed into the Pentagon, plunging the United States into full alert with all flights being grounded nationwide and US military on the highest alert. The White House and other federal and governmental offices were evacuated as well. It's the most well thought out, coordinated and sophisticated act of terrorism that has hit the US on their own soil in recent times. My God. I'm actually lost for words to describe the whole situation really. Nobody deserves to be on the receiving end of such brutal act and certainly no religion ever condone such things. My thoughts and prayers go out to those innocent lives perished in the moment of madness, mayhem and chaos.


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Selamat Pengantin Baru: Shareena & Ridzuan

3 September 2001 15:46

I just got back from a wedding and this would supposedly be the last wedding amongst my circle of friends for this calendar year. Anyways, many congratulations Shareena & Ridzuan! Here's wishing you both all the wonderful years ahead!


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Aaliyah Dana Haughton 1979 - 2001

29 August 2001 18:10

I've been meaning to write this earlier but I suppose I was still kinda shocked then. It was disconcerting to say the least about how one's life can be cut short by such a tragic event. I wasn't really a fan enough to actually go out and buy her CDs or such but I think she's made quite an impression in the entertainment business that people are paying attention to what's she's doing and she certainly earns my respect for that, especially since she's still very young. She may often sport that image that's got street-cred written all over it, music that's very urban and such but I'll always think of her for that beautiful song "Journey To The Past" that was featured in the animated feature film, Anastasia. Rest in peace.


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Welcome To Da Phuture!

28 August 2001 15:44

Hi! Welcome to the spanking new site of yours truly! Well, to say it's a totally brand new site would be an overstatement really 'cos most of the things here still have that same old look and feel as my previous website. That's just me, I suppose. Not too much work in the looks department. ;)

The guts of the website is brand new though. So new that it was written from ground up in yours truly's quest to learn ASP. All this while, I only know enough to troubleshoot things when they go bunk, but now, I actually had to do some programming to get this whole site up. And I can say that I learnt quite a bit as well! Anyhow, so long as this website works to get my points across, it's all that matters at the end of the day! Heh! Enjoy what I have to offer within these webpages!


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