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Al-Fatihah For The Late King

22 November 2001 05:27

The People's King, His Majesty DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agong Sultan Selangor passed away this afternoon at the Gleneagles Medical Center. He was 75. Tomorrow has been declared as a day of mourning. May Allah bless his soul.


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Review: Shrek DVD

18 November 2001 13:27

I thought I'd make this a first for my website: a DVD review! I went out to Bukit Bintang area this afternoon and grabbed myself the long awaited DVD copy of Shrek at Speedy Video. When Shrek first came out earlier this year, I didn't get the chance to watch it in the theaters but rather on a crummy VCD copy. I thought it was the best movie to have ever come out this year. Good storyline, incredible computer generated graphics, great voices behind the characters. Due to the quality of the VCD recording (it was pirated, whaddaya expect? :\ ), I was deprived of watching the lush details that are of abundance throughout the movie. I promised myself that I was gonna go out and get the DVD once its out and I can tell you that it was worth all the sen spent! I can now see how beautiful and detailed everything is in the movie. The extra bits offered in the DVD are just awesome, i.e. The Tech of Shrek documentary, Shrek's Music Room and my favorite, The Shrek Karaoke Swamp Song! Great stuff!


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17 November 2001 03:10

I just got back from work at 10:45am just now. You're wondering, WTF? Well, considering that I went to work YESTERDAY at 7:30am, I think it's only fair! Yeah, was a long day and night. Been awhile too since I last pulled a stunt like this. I'm too dazed to think straight at this moment. All I'm thinking right now is to get through Friday prayers and lunch afterwards in one piece! :P No one's at home at the moment too since the rest of the family are down at JB. Yeah, the whole house to myself! But I guess I'd be sleeping it over instead of enjoying the occasional total ownership of the house. Heh!

Oh yeah, fasting month begins tomorrow. Heh! It was kinda funny at 4am this morning when Mel and I had a sudden panic attack over whether we'd begin fasting today or not since we practically missed watching any TV and were too preoccupied to bother with what's going on outside. :P


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New Wheels

14 November 2001 15:03

Our faithful Ford Laser 1.3 car of about 9 years has now made way for a spanking new Proton Waja. I'm a bit miffed about Ayah choosing the old Fiat's car registration for the Waja. I was hoping he'd transfer the Ford's registration to the new car but alas that's not the case. I like the Ford's registration number, not to mention the Ford itself. Here's a last picture taken of the car:


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Quick One

11 November 2001 22:31

Heh! I've been slacking, haven't I? ;) I guess it's still gonna continue for a bit longer. Anyways, here's the reason for today's entry:


We now return to our regular programming...


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Windows XP: Really, What's New?

30 October 2001 01:10

I really don't get it as to why people are praisingWindows XP heaps. I mean, if you're talking about the stability that it offers as compared to Windows 9x/ME, I hate to break it to you but lemme tell you this: It's old news, my friend! Linux users would have definitely agreed. But even if you were to confine it within the Windows family, the stability has been there since Windows 2000. Windows XP is really Windows 2000 with the Fisher Price (y'know, the kiddie toy maker!) look and feel on the user interface, which was obviously something they just had to put in since Apple introduced Aqua in OS X. As far as the kernel (core) of the operating system, nothing like the Service Packs can't do to Windows 2000 to get it up to speed with XP (Heh! It'll be interesting to see how users of Windows 9x/ME handle patching their OS with Service Packs and Hotfixes in the future!). Of course, XP has got some other features tacked on to it as well, which to me makes it more of a bloat and subsequently puts a premium on the hardware requirements needed to run the operating system alone, I think. What XP can do, it can be done in Windows 2000 as well, only that it takes a little bit more effort to install the 3rd party drivers, software, etc. But hey! At least they aren't tied to the operating system like in XP (and requires much less resources too)! Besides, those 3rd party stuff have more functionality than the stuff that's bundled into XP so I think I'm gonna let Windows 2000 Professional live on my PC (besides FreeBSD, of course! ;) with its merry bunch of 3rd party software for just a little bit longer (read: until I can't run something I need to use on that OS!) So far, my current set up allows me to do the stuff I need to without hassles, e.g. email, web-browsing, watch VCDs/DVDs and even TV, play games (Quake, Max Payne), word-processing, photo editing stuff from my digicam, play/create MP3s, burn CDs etc. Besides, I don't think I wanna be forking the moolah this soon after forking out quite a bit when I got my copy of Windows 2000 Professional last year (Yes, Virginia! I got the original copy despite the bootlegged version being available in abundance at Imbi Plaza.) and not to mention ditch all the time and effort taken to get the set up to what it is right now.

Still, It'll be interesting to see how well it's gonna go with the consumers and prosumers out there. My bet is that most home users still using 9x/ME will eat XP out of Microsoft's hands much to Bill Gates' delight while those who have invested in Windows 2000 will just let it hang in there some more.


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Ex-Boilermakers Pot-Luck Gathering

28 October 2001 15:18

The old gang from Purdue was re-united for the evening when Joey hosted a pot-luck over at his apartment in Shah Alam. Coolness! It was certainly nice to meet and catch up with them ex-Boilermakers and see what they're up to these days! Anyways, shout outs to Joey & wife, Mat Duan, Shida, Seme, Amy, Bogo, Fern, Ninie, Duan, Izaidy, Putat, Burn, Hanif, Nadia, Nora, Bard, Rosli, Sal, Ustad, Cobou, Eijatt, Nong, Lah, Faris. Uhmmm... did I miss anyone there? Hope not! *GRiN* Anyways, them pictures are here. If you think the pictures suck, tell that to Izaidy, yah? 'Cos he took most of the pictures! ;)

Update (Oct. 30): I somehow knew that I missed a name, and it's come back to haunt me! Azura! There you go! :)


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Mud Flood

26 October 2001 12:07

Thank God we made it back to Kajang yesterday or we would've missed this one had we prolonged our stay. Anyways, a massive mud flood hit our house this afternoon after a very heavy downpour. Thankfully, it didn't get past the compound garden and into the house after we've put some barricades to block the water and mud from further pouring in. Just check out the pictures below:


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Pleasant Journey

22 October 2001 06:08

I just made it to Johor Bahru this afternoon. The drive from Kajang was just slightly under three hours (Okay! So I pressed the accelerator a lil' bit at certain stretches!), and for once it was certainly a pleasant drive! No kidding! For once, I wasn't harrassed by those kiasu drivers in the Mercs, Beamers and the occasional Protons, flashing their headlights signalling me to get off the fast lane when I'm overtaking some other car(s) at 140kph with some loved ones on board! I usually stick my middle finger out to them when they pass by. Anyways, today's drive was bliss, I tell you! Good weather, nice driving music to accompany me... Ahhhh! Still, I miss those times when my friends and I were doing those 300-400 mile journeys on the U.S. Interstates during the summer. Ever watched Good Will Hunting? Remember the end credit sequence in that movie? Heh! I suppose you can put that bit in my list of favorite parts from the brilliant movie!

Still on the subject of journey, Lil' Miss Brickchick's flying off tonight to Australia to further her studies. Sorry I can't make it to the airport with the rest of the gang as I'm some 300km away from KLIA today! :P Anyways, all the best there, doodette! Au revoir! Bon Voyage! There'd definitely be a vacuum left in and on SorceryNet! Heh!


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Why Piracy Lives

18 October 2001 19:09

Much has been said recently about how rampant piracy is in this country. I've been thinking about it lately and it struck me that one of the factors contributing to the situation is availability. I went to Tower Records the other day hoping to get myself Crystal Method'sTweekend, Baby Boy soundtrack, Methods Of Mayhem, Tyrese's 2000 Watts but NONE of them are available! I realize that the market for those albums may not be as many as the larger mainstream and commercial (read Boyband loving) market but you're ignoring fans of those artists and music genres altogether! So what else can we do but resort to finding MP3s of those tunes on the Internet and subsequently contributing and succumbing to piracy altogether? Now I really like those artists to the point that I'm willing to support them by getting actual copies of their albums but there aren't any dammit! And what's the deal with only the censored albums being available too? When I cough up the hard earned dough for an album, I don't wanna listen to some deformed and neutered piece of work. In this situation, piracy wins again when those people resort to other means (e.g. Internet via Napster) to get their music fix.

Of course, the other factor has to be consumers' purchasing power. Look at it this way, the average Malaysian earns between RM2,000 (USD 520) to RM3,000 (USD 780) a month. The average American earns between USD2,000 to USD3,000 a month. Now, there's already an imbalance there. However, the price of a music CD costs around RM 45 (USD 11) here in Malaysia. Looking at some online music stores (e.g. CD Universe), the price is about the same. Now, does that seem right to you? Two different groups of people with different income levels trying to purchase the same goods at the same price. The group with the lower income will definitely feel the pinch of course and what else can they resort to other than pirated goods which costs way, way less. And there we go, piracy wins again.

Then of course, there are those VCD/DVD movie pirates as well. Again, this is contributed by the high cost of a DVD to the average Malaysian. To the average American, forking out USD 20 to USD 25 may not be much when they're earning some USD 2,000 to USD 3,000 but it does to the average Malaysian who's earning around USD 500!


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