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30 Minutes Till Takeoff

24 December 2001 11:19

I'm writing this entry at KLIA's departure gate from my laptop at this very moment. Kinda cool that KLIA has got some wireless LAN thingy going on! At least now I can waste my time in a more "productive" manner now whilst waiting to get on the plane! Hehhehehe!

Yeah, I'm flying off to Bangkok on a work related assignment. I'm gonna be there for about three weeks with the option of coming back on weekends. Don't worry. Hopefully, I'd be able to keep you people posted on what I do there besides work. ;)


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The 21st Century Aidilfitri Experience

19 December 2001 04:42

It's past midnight. We made it back to Kajang a couple of hours ago after pushing off from JB at 9:00am. It took that long 'cos we stopped several places at our relatives' places in Batu Pahat and Muar along the way. It's certainly nice being able to meet and catch up with them.

Since I'm still not in the shape to walk properly, let alone drive, hroughout the journey, I was pondering upon how different our family celebrates Aidilfitri then and now. I feel that Aidilfitri celebrations has gotten too simplified. I mean, conviniences aside, it has made the whole Aidilfitri experience and atmosphere a bit too "synthetic" in my opinion. These days, it just feels like another public holiday with the exception of the abundance of food available. I dunno. Perhaps it's because that I'm now all grown up no longer a kid hence the different experience altogether. Perhaps I'm being nostalgic and hanging on to the past but it sure felt more "authentic" and special back then.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to celebrate and enjoy it as much as I can despite my condition since I'm gonna have to go back to work this Wednesday. Raya's real short for me this year.


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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

15 December 2001 15:02

I'm off to JB early tomorrow morning to celebrate Hari Raya at my Uncle's and Grandma's place like we always do every year. So, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. I'll be back in KL on Monday. Have a good and safe one, y'all.


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Seven Reasons Why Malaysians Are Not 'World-Class'

14 December 2001 15:47

Something plopped into my email today which actually summarizes and drives home the point about the typical Malaysian attitude. I thought I'd share it with y'all here. The email was posted into a newsgroup that I subscribe to. If there's one thing that I hope will get forwarded in emails, it has gotta be this! Hopefully, it'll reach enough Malaysians to make them think and see where we actually stand.

Continue reading Seven Reasons Why We Are Not 'World Class'.


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On Crutches

12 December 2001 12:26

I had a very unfortunate and stupid accident in my bedroom early this morning when Mom woke me up for sahur (pre-dawn meal). Ended up with some torn ligaments around my right ankle. !@#$% And now I have to use crutches to go around. Since I'm on training at the moment, I can't really make use of the two day medical leave that the doctor issued so I just went ahead with my day. I now realize that most facilities (and people too for that matter) around here aren't really disabled people friendly. Sure you've got some special seats on the train for use by disabled people but just how on earth can you get across to the other platform when you've got to use a walk-over bridge with very steep steps? Not only that, if and when you board the train, those people (the very well abled) who are already seated on those seats meant for disabled people will just continue sitting there, with no regards whatsoever to those who are really in need of those seats. This ordeal has somewhat opened my eyes a bit to the plight of those disabled people. When I was studying abroad, I can't help but notice that almost everything everywhere was built with disabled people in mind, not to mention, that the people are very courteous too. So, it makes one wonder really, whether this society that we live in and belong to is really a developed society when simple things like courtesy and care for the disabled are often if not always overlooked...


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Ex-Boilermakers Buka Puasa Gathering Part Deux

11 December 2001 15:12

We had another buka puasa gathering, this time at Shrooms & Stars, KLCC. The crowd was much smaller this time around consisting of Bart, Penang, Izaidy, Raida, Lah and Farid. The food was great (Hey! They got Japanese and Italian dishes as well!) but so far, Holiday Villa in Subang has been the best one offering a nice mix of western and eastern dishes. Anyways, it all comes down to *BURPPP!* ;)


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Ex-Boilermakers Buka Puasa Gathering

8 December 2001 18:26

We had a Buka Puasa Gathering at Kelana Seafood this evening. Though I can't recall much about the food there but I just had to say that being in the company of old friends is just great and it was certainly a blast! Check out the pics by clicking the header above.


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eWorld @ PWTC

2 December 2001 14:15

It's certainly been a while since I last went to any PC fairs held around KL. Think the last one I went to was back in 1999 when I pre-ordered a 3dfx Voodoo 3 2000 video card. Anyways, I headed there this afternoon with Justin. I wanted to look for CD-Rs as I really needed to unload all those junk I downloaded off the 'Net from my hard disk. Justin wanted to look for an iPAQ PDA expansion sleeve so that he could use that wireless card on his iPAQ. Somehow or rather, it ended up with both of us getting a scanner (a Microtek ScanMaker 3800) each! It's a rather nifty scanner, I'd say. The scans look sharp and crisp to me and the colors need only some minor adjustment after scanning (nothing the 'Auto-level' function in Photoshop can't handle!). The nice bit about this scanner is that it's also able to scan film negatives and transparencies as well. Now you'd be thinking for something like this it might have costed us some. You'd be surprised to learn that we got it for RM 335 each (after a hard bargain with the salesperson from RM 359). It uses the USB interface, comes with some decent photo-editing software and such but I didn't bother installing them since Photoshop has TWAIN support and I'd rather do it from there instead. With that now, I can put all my photo collection onto a more lasting digital medium (i.e. CD-ROM) and save them from getting weathered over time. Oh yeah, I did manage to get those CD-Rs too! :)


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Wireless Wonder

29 November 2001 14:57

I had the chance to try out one of the most talked about technologies of late, i.e. the 802.11b a.k.a. wireless LAN. I thought it's pretty nifty! I got my hands on a Lucent Orinoco AP-1000 access point (base station) unit and some few Lucent Orinoco PC cards. If you're a laptop user, you'd find this quite a boon. We can now be really free from the confines of the network cables as with these, you can really be on the network and be mobile on your laptop! Of course, there's a limitation as to over what distance it can cover but from my initial tests, it's been great. Then, there's also the issue of the laptop running out of juice but that's a whole different story! :) There are some things within 802.11b that concerns me and that is security. Basically, if your laptop is armed with one of those wireless LAN PC cards, you can stumble into any networks that aren't yours and within your range. If the administrators of the network aren't careful enough and do not take enough precaution to lock it down somewhat, security breaches can be a walk in the park. 802.11b does come with some security features and for a small sized network, it's just fine I suppose. However, at a larger scale, the management of the network could be a nightmare with the amount of ACLs, encryption keys, etc. that needs to be maintained. Not only that, I feel like the mechanism provided isn't strong enough as mentioned in this article. I'm in the midst of writing an article on my findings on 802.11b so stay tuned.


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Personal Website Manager V1.0

25 November 2001 05:40

You would have noticed that I've added the Linkage section on the sidebar now. Yes! And so with that, I think I'd like to declare this Personal Website Manager system as V1.0 feature complete. There may be some very minor bugs lurking here and there but that's just the way it is for now, I guess (Heh! I must be thinking like Microsoft now! Bad, very bad!). However, the one thing that gets my head in is the inconsistency of in the way the whole stuff is coded. I mean, sure the whole thing works fine but HOW the whole thing (e.g. variable declaration and convention, object instantiation, etc.) is built is another thing. I'll get around to cleaning all that up in an upcoming point release. But for now, it's just what it is. Source code will be made available to those who request for now. I'm hoping to make the whole thing publically available and downloadable in the upcoming point release.


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