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Drowned World Concert

24 January 2002 06:25

I was watching Madonna's Drowned World Tour concert on HBO last night. Dang! Can that woman really perform! The whole concert had a very theatrical feel to it and the songs she chose to perform were very well coordinated and staged. I really liked the part where she and the rest of the dancers were "flying" about the stage ala Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Sure beats Siti Nurhaliza's attempt at that! Heh! Imagine a 40-something year old woman kicking the ass of a 20 year old girl doing the same thing. Not to diss Siti or anything (I think she's done a wonderful job so far) but she oughtta try being a bit more "agressive" when performing. Yeah! I have this thing about agressive (and intelligent) women! Dunno why! I just dig 'em!

Ooh! Got two tix for Malaysian Comedy Pest 2002 at The Actor's Studio, Bangsar this Saturday! Reviews have been good so far. Can't wait for Saturday, man!


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Selamat Pengantin Baru: Cobou & Azlina

20 January 2002 17:50

I was up at Selama, Perak (just some 30kms north of Taiping) this afternoon to attend a wedding reception of one of my juniors at Purdue. So, Cobou & Azlina, didoakan semoga bahagia berkekalan ke anak, cucu, cicit, di dunia dan akhirat!

As usual, whenever us ex-Boilermakers get together, it's bound to be a gathering of several hours! So right after the wedding we stopped by a couple of places, namely Bukit Merah and Taiping. We eventually left Taiping at about 10pm and I made it back to Kajang at about 1am after sending Shida home. Gee! I thought days like this would end once I graduated from Purdue. Heh! Talk about nostalgia! :P Oyez, pictures are here. (Bogo: I'm keeping my word on not sending out email to check out those pictures! :) )

Aight, three weddings so far this year and we're barely into the fourth week of January! So, who's next then? :P


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Addicted to P2P

16 January 2002 17:25

Hmmm! I dunno whether I should rejoice or regret over my recent discovery of the Morpheus/Kazaa file sharing service on the Internet. Yeah, I know it's been in existence for quite some time already but I just stumbled onto it when I read some news about it being touted as the next Napster. Anyways, without realizing it, I've been downloading some 700MB worth of stuff using the service over the past 4 hours (I'm fortunate enough to be using a satellite broadband service at the moment)! Just what did I download, you ask? Music video MPEGs, full TV shows episodes (MPEG4 and DivX compression is doing to video what MPEG Layer 3 (MP3) did to audio), etc. Just like how Napster/Audiogalaxy did for audio files, this service handles even more! On top of the usual audio stuff, it also does peer to peer file sharing of video files, executables, etc. I did notice some warez floating about the service as well. Those copyright enforcement bodies are already making noise about its existence. I dunno how long this thing's gonna last but I suppose I'm gonna make use of it while the taking's good! :P I'm catching up on those music videos that we're deprived of watching here on this side of the planet (there's a dearth of r&b, hiphop, alternative music videos here since MTV Asia and Channel V almost constantly feeds us with bubblegum pop (read boyband) stuff. On the other hand, I gotta watch the time I spend on the Net. This thing can be quite addictive!


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Monday Stress

15 January 2002 15:18

My assignment in Bangkok is essentially done already so now I'm back working at KL again. If there was ever a time when I'm not glad to be back on home soil, this would be it. It took me a frickin' hour and a half to reach the office via KTM & LRT this morning. After about eight trains had passed on the opposite side of the tracks (the one heading towards PJ) only then did one actually arrive, which by then was really packed like sardines (reminiscent of those days of the mini-buses). *Sigh* First the roads now this? Will there ever be a day where I can actually go to work in KL without stressing myself up? I'm seriously getting tired of this commute thingy. A couple of months back, I was forced to drive myself to work every morning for about 6 months and I really loathe the experience. Why? 'Cos it takes a bloody hour to get thru a 10 mile distance! And don't get me started on my having to put up with other road users! By the time I make it to the workplace, I'm already too riled up to actually sit down and start working right away. And the cycle continues every day. I was thinking taking the trains to work would be the better way. Well it was, but not today it seems. I'm just hoping it's just one of those days.

It's just one of those days
Where ya don't wanna wake up
Everything is fucked, everybody sucks.
You don't really know why
But you wanna justify rippin' someone's head off
No human contact
And if you interact your life is on contract
Your best bet is to stay away motherfucker!
It's just one of those days!

Listening to: Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff (My official Monday morning anthem)


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Scenes Of Bangkok - Part 2

10 January 2002 19:18

Part 2 is now available by clicking on the header above. Again, it features more of those things that caught my eye as I was going from one place to another in Bangkok. Among them, an ice cream shop, roadside noodle stall and typical Bangkok traffic. One of the more interesting ones is the exterior of a pub called The Metal Zone. There's this huge bronze statue of a dragon as well as two statues of warriors that made it stand out from the rest of the buildings on the street where the apartment I'm staying at is located. Check it out!

I'm also frickin' tired at the moment. Two consecutive days I was forced to wake up in the wee hours of the morning and retire close to wee hours of the next morning! Ugh! I used to be able to stand those long waking hours (my longest being 64 hours!) but of late, I'd rather hit the sack than stay up. I used to do crazy things back then. Back at uni/college, I'd get out of the house at 2am (yes -- two in the morning!) and rollerblade till dawn, especially during the summer. Ahh! Reminisce!

Now playing - Mary J. Blige - Reminisce


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Another Busy Weekend

7 January 2002 18:07

I made it back to KL for the weekend again. I know, I should use the opportunity to explore Bangkok a bit during the weekend but I got good reasons to come back to KL this time around.

Reason #1: My old friend, Eany, who now lives in the US of A is down in KL for a visit with her fiance, Thane. It's not always someone from the other side of the planet comes by for a visit so that alone was reason enough. Anyways, she dropped by the house with her folks sometime Saturday noon and then later in the evening, a bunch of us (Alvin, Yen, Geok Shin, Dipen, Grace & hubby, Sheryl, Shane, and obviously Eany and Thane) went to Bangsar for dinner at Madam Kwan's. It was certainly a reunion for all of us. The last we met each other was when we were still at secondary school (high school to you Yanks! ;) ). We just went from one story to another catching up on each other's stuff and all. So much water under the bridge. Then noon today, Geok Shin, Eany, Thane and I met up again. This time at KLCC where we had lunch and then some Italian exhibition going on there. I later brought them up to the 64th floor of Tower 2 where I work at. I know it's kinda lame bringing friends to your workplace but hey! Considering the Twin Towers' Skybridge is on the 41st/42nd floor, and is located in between the two towers itself, I'm guessing anybody would go for the view from the 64th floor anyday! Anyways, the pictures are here.

Reason #2: The launch of the teen portal, The whole thingy was the brainchild of Teejay (also a Hitz-dot-FM radio deejay) whom I had the privilege of working with while I was at ASTRO. He and the rest of the crew (Albert, Andy, Shaz, Febster, Nadia, Irma, Puppster, Evan, etc.) has worked their asses off to get the site to where it's at and the results are simply midblowing! Teej was quite insistant that I make it to the launch so I kept my promise there! Mind you, this whole thing (from management to marketing to operations, etc.) is being run by teens and it's just amazing! I'll post those pictures taken from the launch sometime soon. :P Too tired already at the moment. Just made it back to Bangkok a couple of hours ago (Gee! Those frequent flyer miles are sure racking up good!) and in desperate need for some shuteye. It's already Monday at this time of writing! :(

Listening to: Linkin Park - Points of Authority

Update (Jan 20, 2002): Yeah, I know this has been long overdue but here it is anyways. You can stop now, Evan! :P


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Scenes of Bangkok - Part 1

4 January 2002 14:01

Aight! Here they are. Some (limited) images of Bangkok that I've come across so far. I know they're nothing much out of the ordinary but that's just as much Bangkok that I'm privileged to see in between my work assignments and stuff. I would definitely be taking more (hopefully interesting) pictures of this place.

Oh yeah! I've stumbled into what I would consider a "happy" accident. Whilst tweaking the settings on my digital camera (a Nikon Coolpix 775), I managed to get it to take some nightshots which I previously thought was not possible with this camera! Coolness! I was already contemplating on selling this one and getting a Coolpix 995 instead but I guess I just don't have to now! Heheheh! Anyways, the results of it can be seen in the photoset.

Happy accidents are almost like epiphanies to me. They obviously don't happen that often but when they do, boy! Does it really get you off the rut or something and just kickstarts you off!

Listening to: David Gray - Babylon


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Happy Y2K+2

1 January 2002 20:33

Hmm... Y2K+2. That's like 2 extra keystrokes than typing 2002 right away! :P Anyways, Happy New Year! I came back from Bangkok last Friday night for the New Year weekend and continuing on the Aidilfitri celebrations! Heheh! I'm returning to Bangkok later this evening.

2001 has been a rather mixed year for me. Some things were good, some bad and some are best left not remembered at all. With the dawn of the new year, new resolutions are made but as far as keeping to them, that's left to be seen as the year progresses. One of my resolutions that I'm going to work hard on is to balance my work and personal life. I realize ever since I started working just a few years ago, I've made too many compromises on my personal life and as a result I've been missing and losing quite a lot. Although I can never recover what has been lost in time, hopefully I won't have to miss anything much anymore. Moments in life are just too precious. There ain't no rewind button in life although I wouldn't mind having a pause button! ;)

Had a couple of things happening over the weekend too. Went to Sal's Aidilfitri open house at Subang Jaya last Saturday evening. Then last night, Bard and Nora had an Aidilfitri cum New Year open house celebrations at their place in PJ. A good start so far, I reckon. The pictures are posted right here.

May the new year bring good tidings, peace and prosperity to humankind.


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Bangkok So Far

28 December 2001 04:37

Three days and four nights and it's been good so far. Initially, I thought food was gonna be a problem but it's turned out to be otherwise despite most of them being non-halal. The people here are quite soft-spoken. Most of them speak some English but I found that I have to speak rather slowly and use simple vocabulary. Oh yeah! I now know what it's like to be illiterate since about 90% of the signs are written in Thai scripture.

I haven't been able to experience much of Bangkok itself during the past few days but last night, those guys whom I'm working with brought me to a club called The Forte. Since I don't drink I was there for the experience. Dang! Them babes are HOT! They have some good songs being DJ-ed and performers belting out songs during the evening (quite good really) but come 11:00pm, all the bar-girls would start dancing and prancing on the bar ala Coyote Ugly. Whoa! I would have gotten some pictures if I could (I've been told that they don't allow pictures to be taken in there). Then again, I didn't bring my digital camera along with me for this trip since my Sis wanted to use it for the week. So, for now, if you wanna know what and how it was like in there, you gotta be content with the link I gave for now and whatever you can recall from Coyote Ugly. Heh!


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Touchdown In Bangkok

24 December 2001 15:52

I touched down in Bangkok like about an hour ago. This service apartment I'm housed in has got Internet connectivity provided to every room (and broadband too!) so it's cool! But I have this sneaky feeling that I'm gonna hafta work when I'm done with the day at the site and back at my apartment in the evenings. :\ Gotta be getting some shuteye now...


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