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Formula One 2002 Season Is Go! Go! Go!

4 March 2002 06:28

Whoo! The 2002 F1 season is now underway and what a start it was at Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia! Just before the first corner of the race, Ralf Schumacher got into a really, really nasty accident when he crashed into the back of Reubens Barichello's Ferrari and was literally sent flying over and into the grass before crashing into the tyre barriers. Nine cars were taken down and out of the race as a result of that incident and it was rather surprising that they brought out the Safety Car and not the red flag to start the race over.

Coulthard was leading the pack just before the Safety Car left the track but a problem with the gear caused him to steer into the grass and let Montoya, Trulli and Schumacher past him. Montoya was then leading the race and a furious battle for 2nd place ensued between Trulli and Schumacher. It wasn't for long though when Trulli fumbled at one of the turns and crashed his car, causing the Safety car to make another appearance. After the mess was cleared up, Schumacher was at Montoya's tail end for a couple of laps before the latter conceded with Kimi Raikkonen, now with McLaren Mercedes, catching up into 3rd position. David Coulthard's car eventually stalled midway through making him among those who didn't complete the race.

Australian Mark Webber had lady luck working for him as he made a really memorable debut into Formula One with the Minardi team, much to the home crowd's delight. Just about two laps before the race end, Mika Salo in his Toyota was on the verge of overtaking the Asiatech Minardi when he miscalculated a turn and spun his car, which essentially costed him a potential 5th position.

A dramatic start to the 2002 season indeed! Final standings: 1 - Michael Schumacher (Ferrari), 2 - Juan Pablo Montoya (Williams BMW), 3 - Kimi Raikkonen (McLaren Mercedes), 4 - Eddie Irvine (Jaguar Cosworth), 5 - Mark Webber (Asiatech Minardi), 6 - Mika Salo (Toyota).


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New Workstation (Cont'd)

3 March 2002 08:27

Finished clearing up the clutter and sorted everything out nicely so it's now nice and neat! Check it out in the before and after pictures below! :)


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New Workstation

2 March 2002 15:27

I was going through the Carrefour catalog the other day and saw a rather nifty computer workstation desk among the items. Got the stuff delivered to the house in the late morning and after laboring away for about three hours in the afternoon, I managed to get it all assembled! And all by myself too, armed with a phillips head screwdriver and hammer! This is first time I ever got something this big assembled with my own hands. Yeah! Give it up for me! Heh! The rest of the evening was spent on sorting out the stuff that I've been shoving into the other shelves to be put onto the new shelves on the workstation. After taking them all out, I realized that over the years I've ended up with shitloads of books and CDs of all sorts, not to mention cables and wires all over the place! Dang! I've really become one helluva bad pack-rat!


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The Grammys: U2 and Alicia Keys Big Winners

1 March 2002 10:26

The 44th annual Grammy Awards was held last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Much to my delight, U2 and Alicia Keys deservingly won in most categories they were nominated in. The soundtrack for "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" also garnered several awards making it the only other soundtrack to have won that many Grammys since "The Bodyguard". As far as performances go, U2 started the show with a rousing performace of "Walk On" and then Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya and Lil' Kim performing "Lady Marmalade" in their outrageous ladies of the evening costumes with Patti Labelle (the original singer of that song back in the 70s) wailing the song to the end. Train was up next performing "Drops Of Jupiter", backed by a string orchestra. Alejandro Sanz dueted with them real fine ladies of Destiny's Child with a Spanish number. N'Sync started off with "Gone" before breaking into "Girlfriend" featuring Nelly. Alicia Keys' performance was one of the most looked forward to and she definitely didn't disappoint. Who would've guessed she'd do the tango to "A Woman's Worth"! Dave Matthews Band did a rather sombre performance of "The Space Between" and Nelly Furtado performing "I'm Like A Bird" with Steve Vai backing on the guitars. "Cool!" was the first thing she uttered upon accepting her Grammy! India.Arie's, who sadly got totally shut out from any awards in all 7 nominated categories, performed her hit song "Video" before the show ended with some gospel song. John Stewart hosted the show this time around.

Certainly good show throughout and certainly refreshing to the ears, especially after being bombarded with crass bubblegum pop over the airwaves day after day.


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The Urge To Upgrade

25 February 2002 15:18

I was contemplating of doing a test install and upgrade of my Windows 2000 Professional operating system to Windows XP this afternoon but then decided not to when I realized that I don't have the complete set of drivers and XP compliant software for some of the devices in my machine, namely the Broadlogic AB2030 Satellite Express broadband card and the AsusLive program that would enable the video-in functionality on the video card (so that I could watch tv on my computer screen). You're wondering why am I compelled to upgrade when everything is just peachy and I'm able to do everything just fine on my current setup and configuration. One key reason is that Windows 98 is still living on my machine and I'm really itching to get rid of it. I can't at the moment since I still need it to be able to run FastTracker 2.08 to do some MOD/XM compositions (Yes! I still do MODs/XMs instead of MIDI!). To date I still haven't found any decent MOD/XM editor in Windows. Also, I'm getting tired of having to boot into Win98 everytime I want to play Frogger (Hey! It's a fun game!). Besides, getting rid of Win98 would mean that I can regain some one additional gig of hard disk space. Speaking of which, my hard disk is in need of some major housekeeping and also repartitioning. One thing at a time, dude! One thing at a time...


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Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

25 February 2002 05:18

It's sometimes funny how Malaysian Muslims celebrate Eid. Eid-ul Adha is actually the bigger celebration as compared to Eid-ul Fitr but we get it the other way around here. And since it falls on a Saturday, it pretty much went by like almost any other Saturdays, at least to me. We performed the Eid prayers as usual in the morning and after that just pretty much lazed around to let the afternoon pass by. Went to Md. Zin's place later and Bart made it to my place after that. On his way out to grab the camera in his car, Bart accidentally walked into the sliding door glass and smashed it. Heck! I would too 'cos the glass door's too freaking clean! It was bound to happen sometime. Anyways, good thing he only suffered a minor cut near his eyebrow.

We later went out to KLCC in the evening and since they're there, I brought them up to my office at the 64th floor of Tower 2. Heh! Yeah, I know it's rather lame bringing your friends to your workplace but where else can you actually get a good view of the evening skyline in KL? ;) Got to watch "Shallow Hal" later at Bart's place after dinner at Ampang Yong Tau Foo. I was hoping it would out-gross "Something About Mary" but it didn't turn out so. Wasn't too disappointed though. It's still enjoyable. I'd give "Shallow Hal" a 6/10.


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I Can't See Clearly Now The Haze Has Come...

22 February 2002 14:37

The haze is back. It happened a couple of times in the past and it's happening again. I kinda sensed that this was about to happen just about a few days ago seeing that we've been having some really, really warm and dry weather, just the right kinda stuff that's suitable for bushfires to start and subsequently spread uncontrollably. Hope this time the authorities could get this one under control before it becomes something like that haze back in '97.


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Local Calls To Cost More

21 February 2002 13:17

First it was petrol (gas to you Yanks!), then toll and now phone. I suppose it is inevitable. So beginning March 1, local calls would cost slightly more. What boggles the mind is that Telekom makes profits (and I mean, big-ass profits, in the *pinkyfinger-to-mouth* hundreds of millions) year after year and not once have they announced any price cuts or such. So, what's in store for us after the price hike? I'm guessing nothing. We still have to put up with their piss poor service and such and neither do I recall they do any upgrades to their facilities that will allow for a more pleasant user experience after gaining such huge profits. My other guess is that the pie has to be made bigger so that it is able to be shared among many more of those high staffed people at the company. Here's something to ponder upon: Most companies would opt to run their company "lean" and some high execs have even opted to take pay cuts during this economic conditions for the sake of saving the company and most importantly, their customers. I guess that principle doesn't apply at Telekom.


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Marriage Proposal, The Nerd Way

16 February 2002 01:31

Heh! This is gonna go down as a classic marriage proposal among nerds and geeks! Cupid's arrow certainly hit the bullseye for Rob and Kathleen. He posted a proposal on the ever popular News for Nerds site, Slashdot. He waited with sweaty palms, checking his email every 20 seconds before Kathleen responded 15 minutes later with a "Yes" in the subject line and a "Dork. You made me cry. :)" in the body! Heh! Congratulations!

Update (3:45pm): It even made the news in Wired!


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Happy Smoochy Mushy Day

15 February 2002 14:45

So, it's February 14. Couples all over the world are going all mushy and smoochy today. Love was definitely in the air this evening. I was doing my usual evening run at the KLCC park and couples were just all over the place! You name it, man-woman, boy-girl, man-man (!), they were there. Even saw a young couple (boy-girl) french-kissing at a spot in the park. Awwww! Heh! But it's certainly something you don't see a lot of in public, especially here in Malaysia, since most people here have something against public show of affection, even between married couples. I dunno. I really don't see what's wrong with that. It's not like they're lustfully groping each other or anything. *shrug* Anyways, I don't really see why there should be this one special day that you'd want to celebrate your love. To me, each and every day you spend with a loved one would be a day that you'd want to celebrate and your love for that someone is not just heightened on this one day. Commercial outlets are of course, taking advantage of the day by offering Valentine's specials, with most of them hiking the price of chocolates, greeting cards, teddy bears, etc. I don't mind them dinner specials though 'cos some of them are really, really good! Hmmm, I'm going hungry whilst people are going smoochy. Happy Valentine's to all you couples out there!


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