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Mat Duan's Graduation Celebration

17 March 2002 14:51

The Purdue grads of Class of 1996 thru Class of 2000 held a small suprise graduation party for Mat Duan. It was the very least we all could do for a guy who, without a doubt, was the most helpful person without haste anyone who was in Purdue could come across. To quote some:

    "Memang Mat Duan was a great help in Purdue... hujan.... ribut.. snow.... you name it... memang dia tolong dengan Daytona merah tu....." - Bard

    "Mat Duan is one of the most helpful human beings I've ever met." - Bart

    "He's really really helpful.." - Fazilah

    "Rasa terhutang budi kat Md Duan sebab dia banyak tolong bebudak masa kat Purdue dulu." - Bogo

Kinda hard to forget someone who made quite an impression to all of us there, isn't it?

So Duan, many congratulations! The best of luck in whatever you do after this! To quote a TV sitcom character (whose show seems to elude me at the moment): "Welcome to real world! It sucks, but you're gonna love it!"

To those who didn't get to make it, pictures are here.


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Linkage Tweakage

15 March 2002 07:04

Added a couple more new links under the Linkage sidebar you see there.

While we're on the subject on languages, I found a rather nifty feature on Google where it can roughly translate any website into some other languages. Check out this website in the following languages:Auf Deutsch, En Español, En Français


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Ymmärrä Suomea!

14 March 2002 14:18

Okay! Call me being off the deep end already! I've decided to learn Finnish! Now, you must be wondering why on good earth would I be interested to learn what is reputedly one of the most difficult European language to learn which is only used by about 0.05% of the world's population? Heck! Some people even say that even Finns would be surprised to know that anyone outside Finland would be interested to learn their language! I dunno really, but it seemed like a good challenge. I've never been good in learning languages (I may speak and write good English and decent Bahasa, but ask me something about the technicalities of the language and you'll floor me easily!) so I reckon if I could even pick up some decent Finnish, that'd be good enough to prove myself otherwise. I've already managed to pick up some phrases, starting with "menä en ymmärrä suomea!" which means, "I don't speak Finnish!" That'll change in due time, I hope.

As I was browsing the web to look for Finnish language resources, I stumbled upon the following which gives you some good reasons to learn Finnish:

  • It is an essentially logical language. The rules are absolute and reliable in all situations, except exceptions.
  • It is a good sounding language; in other words, it is pleasing to the ear. This has to do with its wealth of vowels, which rules out ugly consonant clusters. It was recently suggested that some vowels should be exported to Czechoslovakia, where shortage of vowels is imminent, and that some Czech consonants should be imported to Finland. However, negotiations collapsed at an early stage. The Finns would not deal with a language that calls ice-cream 'zrmzlina', while the Czechs in turn distrusted a language that calls it 'jäätelöä.'
  • It is a concise language. One Finnish word can mean several different things in English. Why lose time and energy saying 'the committee that takes care of negotiations concerning the truce' when you can use a simple little word like 'aseleponeuvottelutoimikunta?'
  • Learning Finnish builds confidence. If you can learn Finnish, then you can learn anything.
  • Finnish has longer and better swear words than any other language.
The last one seems reason enough for me! Heheheh!


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Home Alone

11 March 2002 03:23

The rest of the family had to go back to JB to attend to some family emergency yesterday, which means I get the whole house to myself this weekend. I would sometimes look forward to this kinda opportunity for the simple reason of being able to have my life run at my own pace for a couple of days. Throwing parties may be fun, but cleaning up after is not as enjoyable, especially on your own! I was needing some personal time anyways, just for the sake of recollecting myself. So far at the rate I'm going, it's more like I hole myself up in my room, with cable TV going on in the back, cold fast food and pizza left on my study, soft drinks that has lost its fizz and bottles of mineral water lined up on the shelf with me either lazing down on my bed, scribbling some stuff on scraps of papers, reading some book that I just happen to grab off the shelf, watching some crap on TV or furiously tapping away on the keyboard. Bliss! I did manage to get myself out from the confines of my room and house later when I went for my evening run and then later MidValley and Bangsar.

I slept rather late last night, or rather this morning. I got on to the 'Net sometime at 3am when I stumbled into Suria online on MSN. Ended up chatting and rambling whilst browsing the web and stuff and the next thing I knew the clock was already showing 5:30am! *slaps forehead!* I really, really gotta stop doing those sorta things that'll screw my bio clock up!

Listening to: X-ecutioners feat. Mike Shinoda and Mr. Hahn - It's Going Down


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The Chemical Brothers - Come With Us

9 March 2002 15:53

I got myself a copy of The Chemical Brothers' latest album, Come With Us the other day. Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons have done it again. It continues from where their last effort, Surrender left off. The whole album is brimming with swirling, squiggly sounds backed by pulsating, throbbing beats that wouldn't go wrong at any rave. They did try to infuse some new elements in this outing. Witness the percussion work in the midst of It Began In Africa. Turntable tricks are also aplenty throughout the album. After listening to it several times though, I found it lacking the gritty and grungy properties from their Dig Your Own Hole album. Nonetheless, it's still a very good album. I'd give it an 8.5/10.

Met up with some of my friends from Purdue for dinner this evening. They later went karaoke-ing and I went along just for the heck of it. Heh! At least I know I can carry Man Bai's Kau Ilhamku song! Whoo!


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New Concept Virus

6 March 2002 17:29

My line of work would occasionally involve computer security. Most of the time however, news about virus threats don't interest me as much. But not this one. This new breed of virus has the inherent ability to avert anti-virus programs by disassembling an executable and reassembling it with the program pointers rearranged, thus effectively making itself (the virus) a part of the instruction flow in the executable and be totally invisible in the gaze of anti-virus software that utilizes heuristic detection algorithms. Combine this with a worm like spreading and destructive capabilities made available by security loopholes in Microsoft's operating system as witnessed in recent outbreaks, e.g. Code Red, we have a real potent mix here. The scary thing about the whole thing is that no known anti-virus mechanisms out there is able to detect such infections!

However, all is not lost as yet. Technologies such as digital signatures and fingerprinting, like Microsoft implemented in their device driver signing initiative, might provide a way out to avert such things from happening (there is still no way out once something is infected though). But again, companies or even governments may be slow to adapt and embrace such things, most likely because there's no critical need for it yet. Perhaps the threat of this virus is just the kick in the butt thing that is needed to make people see the seriousness of what could be an imminent devastating threat to the computing world.

Detailed info on how the virus works is availablehere.


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Oops! They Fumbled Again

6 March 2002 08:19

The credibility of our police force in handling prisoners comes into question after the suspected airport coach robbers escaped a police lock up early yesterday morning. This certainly isn't the first time that something like this happened and it incidences like these have been on the rise lately. Out of curiousity, would you call something like this a lock-up? If it really is, then it's really a complete joke 'cos I reckon it wouldn't even hold a juvenile delinquent in, let alone major armed robbery suspects! Egad!


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Added: Photobooks

5 March 2002 13:17

I'm adding photobooks as part of articles within the pages of this website. For starters, enjoy the sights in the Scenes of KLCC! :)


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Photobook: Scenes of KLCC

5 March 2002 13:05

It's certainly been a while since I last put in any photo collection. I was going through some of the pictures I've taken so far and managed to compile some photographs taken around the Kuala Lumpur City Center. So, here they are.

Continue to Scenes of KLCC.


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Bart's Dinner Treat

4 March 2002 15:14

Bart was kind enough to treat us all dinner at KLCC this evening! *BURP!* Thanks, dude! Panjang umur, murah rezeki! Heh! Pictures are here.


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