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Moving Right Along

5 December 2006 14:47

So I had a couple of days' respite. I spent the time letting the world pass me by while I found solace and solitude soaking myself in a couple of books whilst listening to some CDs. Watched a couple of DVDs, went running and actually tried sleeping too. I'm beginning to grasp the concept of sleeping at night again. I then began contemplating. And everytime I do that I get nauseous, constipated and introspective. Enterthe epiphany machine. Monday came. It then occured to me: I'm still not over it yet.

I should do the above more often, i.e. take some time off to smell them daisies before I start pushing them up. Life is usually half spent by the time we figure out what it is.


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Can I Have Me Back Now?

1 December 2006 14:33

Everybody's been having a piece of me but me lately. So at the risk of sounding anti-social, I am going to turn myself into a hermit for the next few days. Which means that I'll be staying off any face-to-face meetings, phone calls, email, SMSes, IM, etc. No exceptions. Yours truly is not in the building. You may not leave a message after the beep.


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Where'd Your Eyelashes Go

20 November 2006 13:40

Adding another one to the collection of songs I have mangled and mutilated. Juliet The Orange happened to be one of my favorite local acts. It's a shame the duo decided to disband after their first album which won them Best Local English Album and Best New Local English Artiste awards at AIM 2000. Feeling a bit itchy in the ear this afternoon, I married their Eyelash track with Fort Minor's Where'd You Go. Standard listening hazard disclaimer applies, but nothing to lose your eyebrows over.

Update (Nov 20): If you downloaded last night's version, it had its vocals' EQ set wrongly. It has been corrected and re-adjusted properly now.


Download: Juliet The Orange Vs. Fort Minor - Where'd Your Eyelashes Go


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Microsoft Must Die!

8 November 2006 15:23

Microsoft is acting more and more like an insecure person in a relationship who doesn't trust the significant other despite being legitimately, contractually and functionally bound already. Trustworthy Computing indeed. For someone who has gone through much bloodshed and being dragged in the mud over the last 10 years learning to tolerate, manage and overcome the quirky behavior of its Windows operating system from Windows 3.1 to 95 to NT4 to 2000 to XP to 2003 and now Vista (even though in itsextremely buggy beta form) just because most of the software I needed to use are not available on other platforms, having its homicide inducingWindows Genuine Advantage call me a cheater/thief despite PAYING for the ORIGINAL product with my hard earned money is just that proverbial jack that broke the donkey's ass! You can count on losing another one, Billy Goat! I'm definitely switching over to the other side. Ableton Live has always been available on the Mac and my email and documents have all been living on the web the last several months already, mostly courtesy of Google. Besides, my iPod will definitely feel more at home than ever.

Get a clue, Microsoft! As someone puts it ever so eloquently before: "Any sufficiently overcomplicated and laywer-driven technology is indistinguishable from excreta."


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Intercourse Discourse

6 November 2006 16:39

A little furore has erupted over one of our local dailies being a tad explicit than what the "average Malaysian" is usually accustomed to when it comes to doing the horizontal hokey pokey. Here's a dirty little secret about sex: it really isn't so dirty after all. The weird thing is, even though it's natural, talking about sex still makes some people uncomfortable. But I think if we work at it, we can get beyond that discomfort and realize that sex can actually be a comfort. Heck! Sex can even be a cure sometimes! Now, how do I know all this, you ask? Because no one understands how important sex is better than someone who isn't having it.

Dedicating: Chris Rock - No Sex (In The Champagne Room)


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How To Become A Composer And Producer

30 October 2006 14:55

Audi Mok (or Batdude) is a name that has taken prominence in the local music industry. Unlike most composers who produce ballads by the boatloads, he does other genres like pop, r&b, dance and rock. What's more amazing is that he's actually musically illiterate, i.e. he doesn't know how to read/write music notations. Here is an article that gives an insight on how he became a composer and producer.


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Exit Ramadhan, Enter Syawal 1427

26 October 2006 15:57

It's the 2nd day of Syawal today. Alhamdulillah, praise be to God, I have reasons to be in a celebratory mood. Reason #1: I managed to complete another Ramadhan whilst fending off my own personal demons, especially when it comes to driving on the roads of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya when it was close to iftar. Reason #2: I survived the annual Malaysian Balik Kampung Road Massacre and made it safely to and fro the family's hometown of Johor Bahru, although my driving legs are a bit traumatized from the massive traffic jam stretching from Pedas/Linggi all the way past the Seremban/Port Dickson exit on the North/South Highway that took 2 hours of our lives that we will never get back. Reason #3: Unlike past years, my tummy remains intact from making any funny bowel movements from the shock of getting food during daytime for two days already. Can't say the same about my family members. Which explains why we were all an agitated bunch of people when we were stuck in that traffic jam.

On that note, I'd like to thank all those who sent those Raya greeting SMSes, cards, e-cards, etc. To those 7-8 million of you who participated in the The 2006 Eid Greeting Card Initiative, thank you for providing me joy in sending those cards out. Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf zahir dan batin.


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The 2006 Eid Greeting Card Initiative

6 October 2006 14:40

Since we're approaching the middle of Ramadhan already, I thought the time is appropriate to start on another Eid Greeting Card Initiative like I did in 2004. When I was a kid, I enjoyed sending and receiving Hari Raya cards via post, something that we almost never do anymore since it's easier to fire away an SMS or e-card and trees do not have to be cut to produce the cards. So, if you'd like to receive a handwritten Aidilfitri (or Deepavali) greeting card from me complete with my own DNA under the stamp in your post box instead of a measly SMS or e-card greeting, just drop your name and home or office address where you'd like to receive the card at the contact page. As always, the addresses obtained shall not be used to send anything but the card and will be disposed of once the card is sent to avoid it from falling into the hands of unscrupulous parties like stalkers, Ah Longs, nasty mothers-in-law, etc. There is absolutely no catch to this. It's just something I do to humor myself really. Again, it's open to just about anyone on the planet irregardless of faith or ethnicity. Have them in by this Sunday, October 8, 2006. You have my permission to spread the word on this too.


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This Is Probably Why I've Been Sans Girlfriend

29 September 2006 13:39

You're the one I dream about
But the only question with me now
Is "Do I creep you out?"
Everytime I shake your hand now
Wanna stick your fingers in my mouth
Do I creep you out?
Somethin' I should ask about
Can I sniff the pit-stains on your blouse?
Do I creep you out?
Know exactly where you live now
Follow you from work right to your house
Do I creep you out?

Dedicated to all the ex-es and the misses. Sung to the chorus of Taylor Hicks' (American Idol Season 5 winner) "Do I Make You Proud?". Taken off Weird Al Yankovic's latest album "Straight Outta Lynwood", out now in music stores not in our country. Boo!


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How I Become One With My Muslim Brethrens In Ramadhan

26 September 2006 15:58

Fasting month is back again. It's that time of year where it's PERFECTLY NORMAL to forget eating lunch, still be up at those odd hours and snack right before I hit the sack. It's the only time where I can feel like I gel properly with the rest of my Muslim brethrens in the same timezone as I am as far as the eating/sleeping schedule is concerned. Of course, I still need to work a little bit more when it comes to breaking fast, i.e. at the dinner table with other people and not in the car stuck in traffic or at the office desk like I had to most of the time last year. Then again, that may be just The Dude up there testing my patience to see if I have the strength and willpower not to cuss and lash out at Samy Vellu for causing the traffic buildup at the toll plaza on the road leading to my place.

Anyways, here wishing all you Muslims a fulfilling Ramadhan ahead.


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