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I Heart Shayna Zaid!

12 February 2007 16:42

It's been some while since I got one of those little piece of shiny plastic discs that brought me joy when I put it to spin in one of those audio playback devices. So you can imagine the excitement when I got one that not only brought me joy listening to it, but also a personally signed copy of it from theMalaysian girl who's making it big in The Big Apple, i.e. Shayna Zaid herself!

You can't tell from the pictures, but I wet my pants when I received the CD via JFK who just returned from his 7 week adventure in the US of A. Here's looking forward to meeting her when she's in town this March!


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The Year's Resolution Creation, Revelation And Achievement

5 February 2007 16:36

The weekend was a long one for me so I made use of it to clear up the clutter in my room at the parental unit's abode. Little did I know this early spring cleaning exercise will help me create and achieve resolutions of sorts at the same time. For one, the desk is finally usable again after having rid of statements and bills that have passed their retention period. With that load of junk out of the way, it finally happened. For the first time in my life, I actually managed to balance my checkbook. Being someone who struggled with accounting concepts in college and loathed all things financial (despite my majoring in management), it was like unlocking one of the great mysteries of the universe. It was a big deal for me. Then one thing led to another, I ended up with a very realistic and doable budget for the year that won't make me break into a sweating spree from having to payUncle Samy's chetty houses, the never decreasing petrol prices, the beloved Income Revenue Board and still be able to enjoy some indulgences from time to time along the way. In other words, it all makes perfect sen-se now (cue rimshot). So, with that resolution out of the way, what else do I need to do now to establish that long term relationship with a member of the opposite sex?


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4 February 2007 07:02

Admittedly, this weblog has fallen behind a bit as far as updates are concerned. To the 2-3 million of you out there who still haven't left the building wondering what this bloke has been up to, let me tell you that the last couple of weeks hasn't really been a picnic. Being physically and mentally stretched day in and out really left nothing much for me at the end of each day to indulge in anything else. On the flip side however, it did help me sleep a little longer than I usually do everyday. Still, I'd rather have my couple of hours each day to indulge in insane things that keep me sane. When you're on that last stretch of the seemingly perpetual mile, things like that do help make things pass easier. That as well as plenty of fiber and fluids in your diet.


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Hectic Happenings

25 January 2007 13:00

We still haven't cleared the first month of the year and things have already got dialed up to 11. Mama got discharged from the hospital on Sunday. It was for the second time in a week. She's doing much better now and is still resting. To those who sent their well wishes and visited her at the hospital, thank you so much for your concern.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, my home DSL connection was still on the fritz. Needless to say, it caused me much hardship on top of the already existing one I had in dealing with Mom's ordeal. I was depending on it to deal with stuff at work from home but the fault has been almost three weeks in passing with no resolution in sight. So I did what most Malaysians do a lot:Complain. It took some effort to get the service back to normal and for that, I'd like to express my utmost gratitude toJosh Lim, Kim Chow and Jeff Ooi for their assistance in getting the ISP concerned to pay attention. I must also thank Puan Rozian, Head of TM's CRM for giving her personal attention in this matter to get things moving along.

Alhamdulillah. Life is good again! I am indeed grateful. Happy New Gregorian Year again, Happy belated Awal Muharram and Happy Chinese New year in advance.


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Two Oh Oh Seven To Dos

14 January 2007 16:10

We're already halfway through the first month in the new year. Happy 2007 anyways! And it couldn't have started any worser for me. I have to admit. A little bit of the Internet Withdrawal Syndrome did get to me. Not only can't I access stuff on the other side of the planet, I can't even get my home DSL connection to work properly to access the local stuff. This definitely was a major issue for me since I've been accustomed to doing stuff like settling my bills, ordering pizza, etc. without having to haul ass beyond the confines of my seat. Thus, I resorted to the oldschool method of writing checks, only to realize that I've dated them all 2006 after I've sealed them up in their envelopes.

So as much as resolutions are as useful as paying tolls for the already congested highways in the Klang Valley, I will make relearning all those things as one of the things that I need to do this year. That's right. I'm going back to basics. Me, a geek going low-tech by doing no-tech. Who knows, in case we have sharks chomping on those undersea cables and wreak havoc on Internet addicts dependants all over again in the near future, I'll be all prepared. That should get some girls giddy already, right?


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Got Blogging Deprivation Syndrome Yet?

28 December 2006 10:46

Internet Withdrawal Syndrome is in full effect today due to theoutages at our ISPs' international links caused by the recent earthquake in Taiwan. Some are even upset over the loss of their AdSense income for the day. Wished you had a proper hobby now, don't you?


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A Chinese Wedding Experience

24 December 2006 18:00

Today, I came one step closer to being aType 2 Chinese when I became part of my colleague's "hing tai" (brothers) at his wedding. I also got a firsthand experience of Fear Factor - Chinese Wedding style, thanks to the antics of the bride's "chi mui" (sisters) when we were trying to get through to the bride. My tastebuds got all funny after consuming a freakingly hot bun laced with wasabi-like sambal and washing it down with a glass of bitter herbal drink typically found at those sinseh shops. Needless to say, for a couple of hours today, I developed a newfound appreciation for the programs on Astro Wah Lai Toi. That all got neutralized however, when our table was graciously served with briyani during the reception dinner instead of the standard issue 8 course meal for fear that the 5 of us Malays may accidentally ingest non-halal food. If anything else, this whole experience has has made me ready for that long term relationship with a member of the opposite sex that is not from the same bloodline. Kinda handy too with the new year looming already.

Now, if only I'd take care about the lighting in my house that is currently 100% generated by fluorescent lights (I exceed certain specifications of a Type 2 Chinese even). Perhaps that may be the affliction that's preventing me from scoring a breakthrough. Let me confirm that withLilian Too.


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18 December 2006 15:44

It confounds me to find people shopping at Ikea like they shop for groceries at the supermarket. And it's not them buying couches, desks, shelves or any other big items (i.e. stuff that requires you to use the furniture trolley or a forklift for that matter) either. Seriously, folks. If you want to shop for items such as chopping boards, clothes hangers, AA batteries, etc. you'd really be better off at either Carrefour, Giant or Tesco. Not only they're cheaper, you can pronounce their names properly too. There are some of us who would really like to get in and out of Ikea without having to do a stakeout at the carpark stalking people going back to their cars and then having to wait for your credit card to clear for that RM31.80 purchase that you're making, y'know.


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Adunan Lagu Rumah Melayu

11 December 2006 16:45

Contrary to what most cynics and so-called critics of local music think, there are some Malay songs that won't sound too out of place in a club. If you can spare some 20 minutes of your life (not refundable), you can just listen to what I mean. That is after you spend a few additional minutes downloading my Malay House Music Mix featuring Nikki (Pinta), Camelia (Seiring Sejalan), Tiara Jacquelina (Asmaradana and Katakan Hadirmu Kerana Cinta) and Ning Baizura (Bebaskan). If it does sound out of place, pardon me then 'cos I've never really been to a club and probably mistook it for the ear numbing sounds of feng tau techno or some supermarket in Cheras.



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Aishiteru Nagai Ji

7 December 2006 14:16

I have been told that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do instead is stalk them and hope that they panic and give in. And when they do, you can probably get by on charm for about fifteen minutes. After that, you'd better have a big weenie or huge boobs (having both at the same time is not a good idea).

With that insight, you should now find renewed use for those spam emails you get that you often discard.


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