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Wanna Wii?

13 March 2008 14:28

I got myself a Wii the other day. Let the innuendos begin!

I've never owned a game console before. But the simplicity of the Wii as a whole did it for me. Not to mention how it's gonna make everybody look ridiculous when playing it. Plus, the name alone is a hoot. You can just about insert it into any sentence and it becomes hysterical. "Wii will rock you" or "Wii rise to the occasion" or as their ad goes, "Wii would like to play". I've been told that lines like "Do you want to see my Wii" or "Would you like to play with my Wii" can help me get laid though it's more likely that I'll end up getting pepper sprayed, tazered, kicked in the nuts or issued with more restraining orders (or all of the above) instead by women all over.

I only have the bundled Wii Sports right now and I'm hooked on the Tennis and Bowling games. I made the mistake of playing them too long in a stretch and ended up with a sore arm. I'm such a wiimp. I really need to get out more often. At least it'll increase my chances of finding a wiife.

Okay, I wiill stop now.


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Ayam Kambing Home

9 March 2008 15:11

Change will come
Change is here
Love fades out
Then love appears

Now my curtain has been drawn
And my heart can go
Where my heart does belong
I'm going home

Collective Soul - Reunion


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Lose Weight! Get Laid! Find God!

10 February 2008 06:37

Every once in a while, I get a wild hair up my butt and buy a book judged solely on its cover like this one. According to the description, this book is supposed to "guide you through all the essential stages of life, one year at a time from 0 to 100, from your birth to your midlife crisis, from losing your virginity to planning your cryogenic freezing."

Available at a bookstore near you. There's also a copy on my coffeetable for anyone to read when they pop by. Call first. I may be doing some real life catching up.


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Two Worlds, One Mac(hine)

8 February 2008 18:52

A few days into with the MacBook Pro. I think I've gotten over the initial euphoria and ready to get it worked on over the festive holidays. First order of the day, I cranked up its memory to 3GB. Two words with five syllables: VMWare Fusion. This little baby lets me run Windows (or any other x86 or x64 based operating system for that matter) within Mac OS X as a virtual machine. Admittedly, there are still a couple of things I need that only exist in Windows and not available on Mac OS X. So having the ability to drop into Windows quickly to do whatever that's needed instead of booting up the nearest PC is a real time saver (more so when you're on the go). As far as I can tell, Windows is actually running FASTER in VM than on my 2 year old PC! Coolest feature? Unity mode! It's like having Mac OS X and Windows applications together on the SAME SCREEN (can someone say identity crisis?). Check out the screenshot below:

And when I'm all done using Windows, I can just discard whatever state it's in and have it reset to its last clean state, which is great in case I muck up Windows with viruses/spyware or any misconfiguration whatnots, all without having to re-install Windows.

I love the irony of the whole thing though: That it takes Mac OS X (with a little help from VMWare) to make Windows usable and stable for my own use once again.


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How Do I Like Them Apples?

4 February 2008 03:34

It's official. I've finally made the plunge and switched my life over to a 15" MacBook Pro. Needless to say, there was a repeat performance of that time when I got my first iPod. Many times over. Still not over it. If only I had read that bit about how to use a Mac to get laid earlier. Could've made plenty babies while I was at it. Many times over.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, everybody!


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Presenting Dayang And Diddy AF4 featuring One Republic in Hilang

9 January 2008 15:22

When both Dayang Nurfaizah and Diddy (of Akademi Fantasia 4 fame, not the artist formerly known as Puff Daddy, Puffy and P. Diddy) released their own "Hilang" songs, I just HAD to have a go at mashing them up. So I did an initial demo of the mash which, admittedly, was a mutilated musical mess (and I would like to apologize to those few who actually listened to that earsore but I'm guessing it's too late now). I am, in every sense of the word, musically illiterate and in the immortal words of William Hung, "I have no professional training." Do I know how it should sound in the end? No. Do I know what I'm doing? No. But I'm here, and I'm gonna give it my best shot (go watch Zoolander if you didn't get that bit).

Anyway, when Audi (the composer of the said songs) heard the first version of the mash... errr mess, he told me, "You better fix this, boy, or you're never gonna get laid!" So I enthusiastically got it fixed with that hope of finally boning someone but apparently I misheard him actually saying, "You better fix this, boy, or you're never gonna have it played (on the radio)". D'oh!

So here you go people, Dayang Nurfaizah and Diddy AF4 doing "Hilang" to OneRepublic and Timbaland's Apologize. Request for it on radio! My thanks to Audi for being a great sport about this mash! He even helped with the final master! I owe him more cans of lychee now.

Download: Dayang Nurfaizah & Diddy (feat. OneRepublic/Timbaland) - Hilang (It's Too Late) [mp3:hilang(itstoolate).mp3]


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Cybersonique-dot-Org V2008

1 January 2008 16:08

Unlike people with better social lives than I do, I spent the last few moments of 2007 like a geeky homeboy changing this website entirely to greet 2008. So no more doing Web 2.0 stuff on Web 0.8 piece of technology. The weblog engine that I wrote using classic ASP back in 2001 to run this website has served me well the last 6.5 years so it's high time that I picked up and move on to ASP.NET and get a life on with the program. All the past contents and comments are still there, just in case if I need to hold people to what they've said make sense of what I said or did for myself in the future. There are casualties though. The Phuturecam is one and the other being the recently introduced Livelinks. I may resurrect them in the future if enough people miss them too much. Yet, despite all the spanking new nourishment you're gonna get from this site, it will still remain ad-free for your amusement.

Again, I'm not sure if all of this will help me get laid in 2008 but here's trying anyways. Happy New Year, everybody!


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The Long Weekend Project

26 December 2007 16:55

I got done coding the forthcoming version of this weblog and the bit to handle the migration of the contents and comments over the long weekend. It's just waiting be unveiled in due time now. Not only that, I also managed to catch up with not one, but TWO movie DVDs (The Simpsons Movie and Pixar Short Films Collection Vol.1) as well as listened to not two, not three, but FOUR music album CDs (Faizal Tahir's Aku.Muzik.Kamu, Melissa Indot's Ecelecticism, Sara Bareilles' Little Voice and Blake Lewis' Audio Day Dream) in full. I even managed to go visit some relatives on Eid and neighbors on Christmas. In between all of that, I got a piece of music that's been playing in my head down as a demo.

I would reckon the above can be counted as a bunch of personal achievements to wrap my 2007 up. Amazing what one can do when there are virtually no interruptions and distractions that usually get in your way. I should try doing that more often next year or at least, while I can.

Catch y'all on the flip side.


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I'm Being Mocked

20 December 2007 14:12

The powers that be are not sparing me, even during a game of Scrabulous on Facebook.

In case you're wondering what that word means in Malay street lingo, here's a concise explanation of it.


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12 December 2007 15:56

Due to logistical reasons, I have mostly been staying out of my apartment over the last couple of weeks. When I came back this evening, I was struck by the funky smell that greeted me as I opened the door. It could only mean one thing: I forgot to take the trash out before I left home. Turns out that was only half of it. There were unwashed dishes with some of the remaining oatmeal I had for breakfast last week in the sink. Only this time, the oatmeal moved. The nutrients on the oatmeal must have acted like steroids to whatever organisms that were living on it. It's actually one of those sights that makes me go Steve Irwin: "Crikey! Isn't she gorgeous, mate! What a beauty!" I shall never look at oatmeal the same way again.

I actually took a photo of it before washing it away but I'm stopping short of putting it up here as it might seriously jeopardize whatever chances I have left for any relationship with the opposite sex.


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