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How To Become A Composer And Producer

30 October 2006 14:55

Audi Mok (or Batdude) is a name that has taken prominence in the local music industry. Unlike most composers who produce ballads by the boatloads, he does other genres like pop, r&b, dance and rock. What's more amazing is that he's actually musically illiterate, i.e. he doesn't know how to read/write music notations. Here is an article that gives an insight on how he became a composer and producer.


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The Boy Who Became A Man To Become A Boy

21 August 2005 13:14

I've always been a fan of Afdlin Shauki's work. Whether it's the shows he's hosting, the music he's making, the movies he's producing or acting in, he brings and makes a difference in all of them. This is an article he wrote on the New Man magazine when he was a guest editor not too long ago. He has put it up on his website but I'd like to keep it here for posterity. It's something that kinda strikes me deep.

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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

21 June 2005 13:47

We all know the charismatic CEO of Apple Computer and Pixar, Steve Jobs. Here is the text of the Commencement address that he gave at Stanford University in the form of three stories.

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You Know Your Life Is A Malay Drama When...

27 December 2003 10:47

This is SO ABSOLUTELY TRUE that it's ridiculously funny! Twelve things that are stereotypical of our locally produced TV dramas.

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Little Red Riding Hood Revisited

27 December 2003 10:45

When I was doing my preparatory studies at PPP/ITM, one of the English lecturers handed us this piece of write up for discussion (and I still have that handout kept till today!). It never fails to crack me up reading a fairy tale told in a very pretentious language!

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Our Students - Let Them Live, Let Them Learn

27 December 2003 10:44

Dr. Nungsari and I share the same alumni that is Purdue University. I've never met him in person ever and the reason I'm putting this up isn't just because he's a fellow alumni but rather what he wrote rings true and that I can definitely relate to some of the things being mentioned in the article. As it is already, Malaysian youths are turning into mindless automotons who lack dynamism as a result of controls being put by the authorities.

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Long Distance - Can It Work?

27 December 2003 10:42

This article was written by someone whom I had the privilege to know via her boyfriend who was one of my juniors at uni. It appeared in one of the local dailies in 1999. Bogo and Fern are married to each other now which goes to show that relationships of this kind is very much acheivable.

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Photobook: Scenes of KLCC

5 March 2002 13:05

It's certainly been a while since I last put in any photo collection. I was going through some of the pictures I've taken so far and managed to compile some photographs taken around the Kuala Lumpur City Center. So, here they are.

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Seven Reasons Why Malaysians Are Not 'World-Class'

14 December 2001 15:47

Something plopped into my email today which actually summarizes and drives home the point about the typical Malaysian attitude. I thought I'd share it with y'all here. The email was posted into a newsgroup that I subscribe to. If there's one thing that I hope will get forwarded in emails, it has gotta be this! Hopefully, it'll reach enough Malaysians to make them think and see where we actually stand.

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My Venture Into Photography

20 September 2001 08:21

This article was something that I brought over from my previous website. I like the pictures and I think it makes up for the lack of it throughout this website. For now at least...

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