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Life's Battles

6 January 2010 07:09

Everyday is made up of different battles. Sometimes you fight them not because you want to, but because you have to. Other times you fight for what you want but what you want isn't willing. Even worse, you still fight knowing very well that you can't have what you want. Rarely, if ever, that there's no battle at all, where everything works out perfectly that things just happen. So when you do win a battle, be happy with it and savor it well as it usually involves a fair share of disappointments before that. It makes you more appreciative of what you've been fighting for when the battle has been a long and difficult one, fraught with so many failures before victory is achieved. Especially when the fight is for things that really matter in your life. Like pride in your work. Or your friendship. Your family. Your loved ones. Or most importantly, yourself really.

Just keep the faith when you're still duking it out there on your own even after all these years.

Happy 2010.


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My December

1 January 2010 00:50

You'd think I'd let 2009 slip away without an entry for December, eh? With everything that went on throughout the year, I actually took a very long overdue break from everything during the whole month of December in my bid to fix the most difficult thing I've ever had to fix, i.e. myself. Rather than trying to find myself by going elsewhere, I actually did the opposite by going nowhere and did absolutely nothing but daily errands and reconnecting with people that matter, i.e. family and friends. I won't bore you with details of it but I'm thankful that I did manage to find that clarity I needed to get in touch with myself again (although I still remain untouched by anyone else). There was also a discovery of purpose that I really want to take further steps on but that's just tempting fate at this point in time. Trying to remind myself that good things do come to those who wait, though I don't think I want to wait too long that I'll miss the boat altogether now.

And so in just a few hours, 2010 will be upon us. You may go, 2009. I forgive you. I want to move on.


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