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Sharing Some Sideshow Stuff

26 May 2007 01:30

All of a sudden, things started happening on the stuff I'm doing on the sides. My work at "So You Think You Can Dance" is going on well (although intense at times) and before you know it, we're just left with another month to go. My first proper musical work will (hopefully - at this time of writing) be featured in the next "Malaysiana" episode (Top 12) of the show and Pat Ibrahim himself will be choreographing the dance to the song. Elation! Then, a couple of weekends ago I got a call from Pacai saying he might want to feature one of the remixes I did for his song Tanya (sung byAfdlin Shauki) on Sumo-lah's soundtrack. Ecstasy! In between it all, I also finally get to meet up with Audi Mok who graciously let me in on some of his unreleased tracks and his music production techniques. In the excitement though, I forgot to hand him those cans of lychee I owe him. So it's been weird driving around town with those cans rolling about in my car since.

I'm not sure how the stuff I mentioned above will help me get laid anytime soon. That's why I'm keeping my day job for now. Not that the latter will get me laid either.

I really need to get out more often.


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God Gave Me Nothing I Wanted

22 May 2007 17:55

When I asked God for Strength, He gave me difficult situations to face;
When I asked God for Brain & Brawn, He gave me puzzles in life to solve;
When I asked God for Happiness, He showed me some unhappy people;
When I asked God for Wealth, He showed me how to work hard;
When I asked God for Favors, He showed me opportunities to work hard;
When I asked God for Peace, He showed me how to help others;
God gave me nothing I wanted, He gave me everything I needed.

- Swami Vivekananda


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I Can Breathe Easy Now

18 May 2007 15:56

I feel compelled to write again after having let a good amount of water run under the bridge already. But with the Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah getting married to Zara Salim Davidson today, it's certainly an occasion worthy to take note of. I feel like a lot of pressure has been lifted off my shoulders already with their tying the knot. See, if His Highness can wait till he's 50 to get married to someone as brainy and hot as Zara, I think there's still plenty of hope for me yet.

60 is the new 40 indeed.


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