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I Heart HatiYoga!

25 February 2007 16:17

I'm going to go out of my way for once to lend my support and promote this petite and pretty person with a penchant and passion to turn people (even those resembling Pilsbury or Playdoh) into pretzels with panache. I'm talking about Ninie - The Yoga Instructor. She's made it as one of the finalists in the Nescafe Kickstart reality TV show (airs every Saturday at 7:00pm over TV3). HatiYoga, Malaysia's first yoga magazine, is her brainchild in which her wish to reach out and share the beauty and benefits of yoga to Malaysians is realized. For RM10 year-quarterly, you also get an instructional VCD to guide you with those breathing and body-bending yoga moves. Real value for money!

Promotions aside, I personally feel that Ninie has a lot going on for her in pursuit of her passion and to realize that magazine of hers. It definitely showed during the HatiYoga's launch this morning. For that, I have nothing but utmost repect for her (perhaps the ability to greet "Sawadeeka" from behind has something to do with it as well). And despite yoga being non-violent by nature, I hope she will kick major asses in Kickstart!


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Sexy Papa On The London Bridge

22 February 2007 12:22

Papa Jahat does the Sexyback on the London Bridge by The Fabulous Catz featuring Fergie and Justin Timberlake. It's the fastest produced remix/mashup I've ever done. You may laugh, cry, laugh crying or cry laughing after listening.


Download: Sexy Papa On The London Bridge


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An Oinkin' and Snortin' New Year

19 February 2007 03:04

In less than two months, we've been ushering no less than three new years. Today, we celebrate the Chinese New Year. While it may be the year of the boar, I hope the coming year will be anything but a bore or chore. May you have a prosperous new year, don't let the wallet get too porous, stay gorgeous and lay off anything preposterous.


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16 February 2007 15:58

Meniti usia kita
Bukannya mudah
Dalam kederasan dunia
Kita bertanya
Adakah dapat ku penuhi
Harapan semua?
Tanggungjawab yang diberikan
Mampukah ku bawa?

Coming soon to you on the Sumo-lah soundtrack. Pacai let me in on the near final version of the song when I popped by the studio last week. I thought the strings and rocking guitar climactic ending is nothing short of eargasmic. So I asked him for another listen. He obliged. He's cool like that. Mamasanthinks so of him too.


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I Heart Shayna Zaid!

12 February 2007 16:42

It's been some while since I got one of those little piece of shiny plastic discs that brought me joy when I put it to spin in one of those audio playback devices. So you can imagine the excitement when I got one that not only brought me joy listening to it, but also a personally signed copy of it from theMalaysian girl who's making it big in The Big Apple, i.e. Shayna Zaid herself!

You can't tell from the pictures, but I wet my pants when I received the CD via JFK who just returned from his 7 week adventure in the US of A. Here's looking forward to meeting her when she's in town this March!


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The Year's Resolution Creation, Revelation And Achievement

5 February 2007 16:36

The weekend was a long one for me so I made use of it to clear up the clutter in my room at the parental unit's abode. Little did I know this early spring cleaning exercise will help me create and achieve resolutions of sorts at the same time. For one, the desk is finally usable again after having rid of statements and bills that have passed their retention period. With that load of junk out of the way, it finally happened. For the first time in my life, I actually managed to balance my checkbook. Being someone who struggled with accounting concepts in college and loathed all things financial (despite my majoring in management), it was like unlocking one of the great mysteries of the universe. It was a big deal for me. Then one thing led to another, I ended up with a very realistic and doable budget for the year that won't make me break into a sweating spree from having to payUncle Samy's chetty houses, the never decreasing petrol prices, the beloved Income Revenue Board and still be able to enjoy some indulgences from time to time along the way. In other words, it all makes perfect sen-se now (cue rimshot). So, with that resolution out of the way, what else do I need to do now to establish that long term relationship with a member of the opposite sex?


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4 February 2007 07:02

Admittedly, this weblog has fallen behind a bit as far as updates are concerned. To the 2-3 million of you out there who still haven't left the building wondering what this bloke has been up to, let me tell you that the last couple of weeks hasn't really been a picnic. Being physically and mentally stretched day in and out really left nothing much for me at the end of each day to indulge in anything else. On the flip side however, it did help me sleep a little longer than I usually do everyday. Still, I'd rather have my couple of hours each day to indulge in insane things that keep me sane. When you're on that last stretch of the seemingly perpetual mile, things like that do help make things pass easier. That as well as plenty of fiber and fluids in your diet.


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