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Where'd Your Eyelashes Go

20 November 2006 13:40

Adding another one to the collection of songs I have mangled and mutilated. Juliet The Orange happened to be one of my favorite local acts. It's a shame the duo decided to disband after their first album which won them Best Local English Album and Best New Local English Artiste awards at AIM 2000. Feeling a bit itchy in the ear this afternoon, I married their Eyelash track with Fort Minor's Where'd You Go. Standard listening hazard disclaimer applies, but nothing to lose your eyebrows over.

Update (Nov 20): If you downloaded last night's version, it had its vocals' EQ set wrongly. It has been corrected and re-adjusted properly now.


Download: Juliet The Orange Vs. Fort Minor - Where'd Your Eyelashes Go


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Microsoft Must Die!

8 November 2006 15:23

Microsoft is acting more and more like an insecure person in a relationship who doesn't trust the significant other despite being legitimately, contractually and functionally bound already. Trustworthy Computing indeed. For someone who has gone through much bloodshed and being dragged in the mud over the last 10 years learning to tolerate, manage and overcome the quirky behavior of its Windows operating system from Windows 3.1 to 95 to NT4 to 2000 to XP to 2003 and now Vista (even though in itsextremely buggy beta form) just because most of the software I needed to use are not available on other platforms, having its homicide inducingWindows Genuine Advantage call me a cheater/thief despite PAYING for the ORIGINAL product with my hard earned money is just that proverbial jack that broke the donkey's ass! You can count on losing another one, Billy Goat! I'm definitely switching over to the other side. Ableton Live has always been available on the Mac and my email and documents have all been living on the web the last several months already, mostly courtesy of Google. Besides, my iPod will definitely feel more at home than ever.

Get a clue, Microsoft! As someone puts it ever so eloquently before: "Any sufficiently overcomplicated and laywer-driven technology is indistinguishable from excreta."


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Intercourse Discourse

6 November 2006 16:39

A little furore has erupted over one of our local dailies being a tad explicit than what the "average Malaysian" is usually accustomed to when it comes to doing the horizontal hokey pokey. Here's a dirty little secret about sex: it really isn't so dirty after all. The weird thing is, even though it's natural, talking about sex still makes some people uncomfortable. But I think if we work at it, we can get beyond that discomfort and realize that sex can actually be a comfort. Heck! Sex can even be a cure sometimes! Now, how do I know all this, you ask? Because no one understands how important sex is better than someone who isn't having it.

Dedicating: Chris Rock - No Sex (In The Champagne Room)


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