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Whose Wet Pants Are Those Anyway?

30 August 2006 14:22

YouTube is fast making my TV set a redundant household item already. With it, I can now watch Whose Line Is It Anyway without having to wait for it to come on air. I can even choose to watch some of the best moments of the show like when they played the Two Line Vocabulary game, did Film Noir or when Wayne Brady sang to a lunch lady in the style of a Strip-o-gram singer. Occasionally they have guests such as Richard Simmons or Robin Williams on the show. Things can get rather sexual too like whenColin Mochrie grabbed everybody's privates. With so much spontaniety going on, bloopers are bound to happen like when they were performing in the style of The Village People as when they did the Irish Drinking Song or the ultimate, exposing a female audience's underwear! Even accidents are not spared like the time when Ryan Stiles did Carol Channing.

Of course, stuff like that is best experienced yourself in a live setting. And what better way to do so than at thecoming Actorlympics featuring some of the best talents on this side of the planet. Yours truly was once sat on by Afdlin Shauki and not to mention sexually taken advantage of by Ida Nerina and Edwin Sumun as you can see in our onstage rompthe karaoke music video game played during the show. So I ask myself now, do I dare get myself molested again, punk?


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Five And Alive

28 August 2006 09:14

Cybersonique-dot-Org turns five today. If that isn't commitment, I don't know what is. I would have liked today be declared a public holiday but since it's already an off day, this will have to make do until the day comes when I (or this weblog at least) am famous enough to actually declare a public holiday. Meanwhile, it conjunction with this website's fifth anniversary, I have put up a page where you can find all my audio work, be it mix sets, remixes, scribblings, etc. etc., including my recent remix of Jaclyn Victor's Cepat Cepat (I'm In A Hurry Remix). It's probably going to blow my monthly data transfer quota of out of the water but I'm going to go out on a limb and just do it anyways. Take note however, that I shall not assume responsibility for any damaged auditory receptors, nerve endings, brain neurons, etc. as a result of listening to them. Otherwise, enjoy. Happy fifth once again, Cybersonique-dot-Org!



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Rules And Roadblocks

23 August 2006 16:08

Sometimes we forget that rules are there for a reason. Other times, you just want to forget about those rules, throw them out of the window and trust that everything's gonna be okay. Like when there's something you know you can do and your mind keeps throwing up roadblocks, it helps to know that you can always drive right through 'em.


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Life Does Not Necessarily Need To Be Weblogged All The Time

21 August 2006 17:11

There really hasn't been much action on my front of late that would warrant worthy entries on this website. Hence, unlike past years, this years' entries have been rather slow to come. Going through the same routine day in day out has reduced the ability of this tetherball above my shoulders called a head to squeeze even one eloquent thought out, even if my life was on the line. So trust me, people. When there aren't any entries, I'm actually doing you guys a favor.

Perhaps things might just look up for the better after the purported Malaysian wedding of the year so that we can all move right along with our lives.


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Delta Juliet Onboard Bravo Lima Victor With Juliet Foxtrot Kilo

13 August 2006 15:18

Several months ago, I went on air (radio) with JFK via XfreshFM's Xtended Play. Today, I took to the air (plane) with the dude over the Klang Valley airspace onboard 9M-BLV. He's been pestering me to go fly with him ever since he got his lesen terbang. Today's flight had us hovering around 1,500 feet in a Cessna 172 aircraft over Subang, Port Klang, Pulau Ketam, PJ, KL, Batu Caves before we landed back in Subang. The haze was a bit in the way of our view but the flight conditions with the busy traffic (See? It's not confined to our roads only. It's a KL thing), air pockets (love 'em!), bad transponder, a newbie female air traffic controller (who sounded like a hot chick but I'm pretty sure is a mak-chick) made up for the lack of in-flight entertainment. Here I have pictures on-board 9M-BLV while JFK has a post-flight video of it. Another day, another experience.


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Breaking An Ugly Silence

11 August 2006 16:02

The recent silence on this site has been anything but elegant. It is actually the result of an experiment in getting myself caught up in the monotony of my own daily grind. I can now confirm that it is enough to suck the soul out of my ownself more than anything else and turn any amphetamine loaded agitated air traffic controller into a mindless automoton numb and devoid of any life and character. It almost got to a point where I was hating the very thing I love doing. Makes me in awe of those people who can resign themselves into a routine day in day out throughout their lives. For the life and sanity of me, I just can't picture myself living a life that is like a sensory deprivation tank, even if it is for something that guarantees to pay the bills. I can only hope that this phase is over now. Meanwhile, I know this is way ahead of its due but I really I gotta go out and get me anothertube of toothpaste now.


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