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And It Snowed In Puchong This Afternoon

23 July 2006 16:34

Otherwise, it wouldn't be an Afdlin Shauki film. I was hard pressed to find an answer when 2nd Assistant Director, Shima asked me in which movie that Afdlin has directed so far has none of the warped "dream sequences". His current movie in production, Sumolah, is no exception. And from the stuff that I was given a peek at, it's all done exceptionally well too. Even the sushi making scenes were just delicious to look at, with the close up angle, lighting and all. Coming to you a cinema near you end of this year. Meanwhile, have a peek on what went on today on the "Sumolah" movie set.


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Crazy Maze

15 July 2006 15:22

Money don't make my world go round
I'm reaching out to a higher ground
To a warm and peaceful place
I can rest my weary face
Life's answers we try to find
Battling inside our minds
Where do I go from here?
Will all my friends be there?

The pressure's on I have to choose
I've got nothing to lose
I close my eyes I take a chance
Now I dance a different dance
What's the key to a happy life?
A healthy mind and lots of spice
Running barefoot through the trees
That's my idea of free


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The Beta Relationship

6 July 2006 17:08

The courtship began in 2003 when I first ran Windows Vista inpre-alpha form (then known as Windows Longhorn). After two disastrous dates beta builds, I was ready to take the plunge again. I am now running on fully beta software from Microsoft, i.e.Windows Vista Beta 2 (Build 5384) and Office 2007 Beta 2, on the laptop that I use for my day to day work.

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2

There was a bit of bloodshed involved with the drivers initially but it's all good now. If you think running the release version of the Windows OS is scary enough, try running it in beta form. I can feel my balls shrink whenever a pop-up window appears expecting it to crap up. I'm happy to report that there has been no window crashes nor ball shrinkages so far. If this is not living on the edge, I don't know what is.


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Traffic Jam Music Therapy

5 July 2006 14:24

Ever since I got Telepopmusik's Angel Milk album and had it playing in the car when I'm driving, I noticed that I swear and cuss less at other road hogs motorists. Heck! I even gave those muscles that would otherwise raise my middle finger at those who squeeze their vehicles into my right of way a rest since. The album has been out for a year and it's only now that I managed to get hold of it. From the opening track Don't Look Back, Anyway and Into Everything, the drifty vocals of Angela McCluskey and Deborah Anderson along with the mellow bleeps and beats from this French trip hop act are certainly a welcome change from those accident inducing radio broadcasts we have. Not quite like Massive Attack's Mezzanine, but likeable like Zero 7's Simple Things anyhow. Give it a spin.

Listening to: Telepopmusik - Tuesday


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The Weekend Power Trip

3 July 2006 10:50

The weekend started out on Friday night with me out grocery shopping. That's right. Me doing groceries. And for once, I decided to iron all my clothes by the load that night too instead of ironing them just in time before I need to wear them. All this on a Friday night. Made me feel saucy all over. You might wonder brought me to this. It's because none of the terrestrial TV stations carried any of those World Cup matches live that night.

That streak didn't end there. Saturday morning right after I went for my morning run, I cleaned up my place. That's right. I fired up the vacuum cleaner and I was every dust particles' worst enemy that morning. Muahahahaha! I felt all powerful then! Nothing could bring me down! Made me feel sexy too. I was the epitome of male bachelorhood.

And then it happened. I decided to rip the tracks from a couple of new CDs I bought. I realized that I only have 6GB left in that 40GB iPod of mine. Nooooo! How could that be! 40GB is supposed to be a lot! It should last a lot longer! There's only 6911 tracks in 400 albums on it so far!

My life looks bleak now.


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