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Wo! Remix Lagi

26 June 2006 15:16

I thought the remix version of Zahid's Wo!!!, aptly titled Wo... Lagi??!!!, was better than the original mix. So I took that remix and made another mix out of it (remix of a remix, ha!) and call it (hold your breath) Wo! Remix Lagi (right click to download).


Not as naughty as Smack My Parap-Parap. It's been a slow Sunday as you can imagine. That human beatbox is all me, by the way. If you ever want my DNA, you can look for it on my mic.


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A Puteri's Wedding

21 June 2006 10:22

Our neighbor and Mama's good friend Auntie Salimah got herself another son-in-law and her family extended manifold in one go when her celebrity daughter (no points for guessing who she is) got hitched this morning in a brief engagement followed by a wedding ceremony attended by close relatives and friends of both families as well as the hoard of people from the media. So congratulations are in order to the newlyweds, Nora and Rizal (now Toh Puan and Toh Muda respectively). I'm sure news of their taking themselves out of the singles market will be splashed all over the media tomorrow, this weekend and next month's issue of URTV, Hai!, Media Hiburan, etc. etc. (bar Siti Nurhaliza does some upstaging of sorts if she decides to do the same this week). Anyhow, I'm happy for the couple and I sure am also glad that nobody threw me out for being the odd one going around taking pictures using a camera phone during the event.


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You're Pitiful

9 June 2006 13:49

My life is brilliant
Your life's a joke
You're just pathetic
You're always broke

You're pitiful (3x)
You're pitiful, it's true

Never had a date
That you couldn't inflate
And you smell repulsive too
What a bummer bein' you

Download: Weird Al Yankovic - You're Pitiful (via Chris Pirillo).


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Brokeback Vehicle

8 June 2006 10:52

I take pride in managing to survive driving for 14 years without being involved in any accidents. Today that streak ended and it had to happen to my 6 month old car that has yet to reach its 10K mileage. A van carrying factory workers driven by an Indonesian (great, now they're a menace on our roads also) wham-bam-slammed into the rear end of my car as I was driving to work this morning. No injuries but funnily enough, my car was the only vehicle that got damaged. I did spot one or two drivers passing by taking pictures of the accident. If it doesn't make it into the reader submitted picture of the day in the local dailies, I hope that person wins big in the "empat nombor ekor" so that I can stake a claim to the money and use it to do the repairs.

But as much as I was annoyed with the driver of the van that rear-ended my car, I was even more pissed off at the police officers who handled my report. Despite the hardship I was already in, they still have the cheek to make some snide remarks about my predicament. Victims will continue being victims in this country it seems. I did contemplate a comeback about them being confined to doing deskjobs at the traffic division in the police force and not know that the word "rear" means "back" or "behind" (such is the mastery of English in our police force) but I figured if I do so, I might end up in the lock-up doing naked earsquats whilst picking up bars of soap. Let's not have anything else other than the rear of my car rear-ended for today, shall we?


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I Now Return Me To My Regularly Scheduled Programming

5 June 2006 17:19

I capped my week long birthday party break by treating myself to another showing of Actorlympics tonight after watching it on opening night last Wednesday (doesn't take much to humor me, does it?). I did not get pulled on stage nor did I volunteer myself this time around, although the thought did cross my mind when Stephanie Chai and Balqis volunteered themselves for the karaoke music video game. Could've made for an awesome threesome thingy with Douglas' warped directing that was going on. What more with my parents in the audience watching. Ida Nerina, who ruved me wrong time last time, is off limits already as she just tied the knot apparently. So that's another one swiped, snatched and swept away. Moral of the story for me: Ruv more people wrong time before they become other peoples' wives.


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The New Menace

4 June 2006 15:32

I found me a new pet peeve. What's worse than a typical Malaysian slowing down or stopping to look at an accident on the road? A Malaysian armed with a camera phone slowing down or stopping to snap pictures of the accident and then blog about it. If there are no accidents, the next best thing would be to capture other motorists' antics on the road. What makes me antsy is that they take those pictures while they're driving. I suppose winning that RM50 offered by some local newspapers when that picture qualifies as picture of the day is worth risking the neck for, maybe even cover the mechanic's fee if a fender bender ensues. The whole thing is a road wreck waiting to happen, I tell you. Maybe then I should take pictures of them in an accident whilst trying to take a picture of another accident. I could use an extra RM50 myself.


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