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We Ruv You Wrong Time

25 February 2006 18:23

In Actorlympics 2004 - Acropolis Now, it started out with me being fondled by Nell Ng and then ending up getting squashed by Afdlin Shauki. Now, in tonight's Actorlympics, it turned out like something out of another wet dream when I got Ida Nerina to grope and grind me. Just as I was savoring the moment, Edwin Sumun got into the mix. Never have I felt more sexually taken advantage of in front of a live audience ever. All that from directing a karaoke music video, albeit a warped one.


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Insomnia Insanity

23 February 2006 19:23

Some people are keen to make sleep a thing of the past. Don't they know that complex decisions are best left to your unconscious mind to work out? Think about it. If you're one of those "decision makers" of an organization, you have a perfectly good excuse to be sleeping on the job now (as if you already aren't).

While we're still on the subject of sleep, I wish they have something to fix my ever erratic sleeping pattern. I've been getting by with only 2-3 hours of sleep on the average for the past 10 years already. It's not as bad as the dude whohasn't been sleeping for 30 years. At least, not just yet. But at the rate I'm going, he might have a competitor in due time.

Now, please excuse me while I go do my laundry.


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Got Stress?

21 February 2006 08:10

I'm not sure whether it's the stress or the therapy that did it but blood vessels are popping all over my cranial regions already. And I'm still as agitated as an air traffic controller on amphetamines. Any other suggestions?


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Bleeding Your Ears On The Cheap

17 February 2006 17:39

Gonna make another appearance on Xfresh Xtended Play tomorrow Saturday, Feb 18 at 10:00pm (if stuff works out well) so feel free to tune in if you feel like pounding your ears with my treatment of songs. For those of you who are curious to know how the production looks like behind the scenes, check out JFK's LifeLogger entry. It's all about making things sound big whilst working in sweatshop like conditions on a shoestring budget really. Toldya before that I'm a bedroom DJ, didn't I?


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Maids' Day Out

13 February 2006 15:12

I went walking along Orchard Road today. The Filipino and Indonesian maids were out in full force and in droves. If back home I can get the impression that I'm a stranger in my own land (try being at KLCC on public holidays), today's experience kinda made me feel that I got mistakenly sent to another country. Definitely the wrong place to look out for any of themHot Malay Girls too, for sure.


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Metrosexualism Schmexualism

3 February 2006 06:05

Besides having a dysfunctional dress sense and sporting an RM6 haircut that I go for every quarter in a year, here's another reason why I'm retrosexual. Being in a slightly festive mood with the double new year celebrations that was coming up, I tried changing the curtains in my master bedroom the other day only to realize that sometimes they sell those darned things in ones, even though the packaging suggests that it contains two (now I know why I thought they're on sale). Needless to say, my bedroom window now sports a spanking new curtain on one side and an extremely faded and worn out one on the other. The Phuturecrib has always been an interesting piece of work ever since itaccidentally got renovated.


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