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What's Up, Dawg?

29 January 2006 09:07

There's a story in my mind right now and it's that classic children's fable about the race between the tortoise and the pain-in-the-ass hare-brained nincompoop that everybody hates. Y'see, the pain-in-the-ass hare-brained nincompoop kept running out in front of the tortoise and taunting him. But right at the end, the tortoise bit clean through the hare-brained nincompoop's calf muscle, dragged him to the ground where he and the other tortoises devoured him alive right there on the racetrack.

It's a disturbing children's story, I know. Remind me not to read any children's tale to any kids when my mind's all warped. It's a dog eat dog world we live in after all. Welcome to the Year of the Dog. Let's do it doggy style, yo.


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24 January 2006 10:48

Some scientists believe that the more the human brain becomes familiar with something, the less interested it becomes. No, I'm not becoming less interested with this website that the updates have been sparse lately. Just been preoccupied with wage slaving activities that had me shuttling back and forth between KL and Singapore the last couple of weeks. Having said that, I guess I have to make sure that I consume a variety of food to make sure that my brain doesn't get too familiar with stuff that passes through the bowels. It ain't pretty when it ain't regular, nahmsayin'?


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Buli Gua, Gua Buli Lu

13 January 2006 17:11

Hot on the heels of Baik Punya Cilok, comes Buli Balik, the sequel to Buli. Afdlin Shauki is definitely on a roll. And it ain't spring, jelly or Swiss either. So is my good boy behavior these days 'cos once again, I had the privilege of being invited to watch his movie at the press preview. This time, I sat in full.

Suffice to say, it's another local movie that I think is worth parting your cash with to watch at the cinema. Unlike Baik Punya Cilok though, Buli Balik is more of a comedy drama. It has a rather "dark" underlying feel to it (akin to Anakin Skywalker's journey to the Dark Side in Revenge of The Sith). If you're looking for plenty of laughter in Buli Balik, you'll probably be disappointed although Patrick Teoh's outrageous music video makes for a hilarious comic relief! Ramlah Ram also makes a cameo appearance complete with a mock of that infamous dress she once wore at the Muzik Muzik finals and thatschool ditty once featured in Ah Ha also makes an appearance! The subplots in the movie all tie in nicely with the crux of the story and don't feel out of place at all. The movie itself sports an all star cast, including those with minor roles. Hans Isaac is possibly at his acting best in this movie. I did feel that some of the acting in parts of the movie were a bit contrived but at least the movie didn't have any draggy parts at all. Just don't be surpised if the ending tugs your emotions a bit though. That's as much as I'm going to tell you for now. Find out for yourselves when Buli Balik opens nationwide on January 26th! ;)

Update (2350 hours): Check out what the others are saying about the movie:


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More Or Less Of The Same 'Auld' Stuff

3 January 2006 12:03

By now, the whole planet should have gotten 2005 and the hangover that came when bidding it adieu over and done with. It's been two days into the new year. I don't have any resolutions made per se (they're overrated anyways) but I do have plans that I treat more as a framework for the months coming than anything else. If there's anything that 2005 taught me, it was to let certain things go and take its natural course with me just playing it by ear as it goes along. Sure, there are times when it hurt the ears (pitching lari, tempo berterabur, takda feel, etc.) but it did allow me to do some exciting new things as well as opened up new possibilities and interesting experiences that I wouldn't have gotten any other way.

So here's to 2006. Surprise me! I wish y'all the same too.


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