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This Entry Is Intentionally Left Blank

30 June 2005 13:49


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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

21 June 2005 13:47

We all know the charismatic CEO of Apple Computer and Pixar, Steve Jobs. Here is the text of the Commencement address that he gave at Stanford University in the form of three stories.

Continue reading Steve Jobs' 2005 Commencement Address.


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The Horny Tooth Fairy

20 June 2005 07:15

The verbal constipation continues. It doesn't help that I had another wisdom tooth extricated two nights ago. Not that it was a painful thing. I was able to enjoy nasi lemak the next morning for breakfast barely 10 hours after having it uprooted. I am now left with two more of those. I guess that officially makes me half-witted then. Since the dentist managed to pull out the tooth in whole this time around, I thought I'd bring it back home with me and sleep on it, hoping that I would be able to meet the tooth fairy who might turn out to be one hot chick. I don't recall meeting anyone who calls herself The Tooth Fairy that night but I did have a wet dream.

If one day you find me wearing dentures, you can pretty much figure out what I've been up to.


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I, ANAL (I, Am Not A Lawyer): The Sequel

15 June 2005 16:46

I had my case heard again at the Tribunal on Monday following up on the previous one I had earlier this year. Long story short: I settled for the no liability, ex-gratia payment of 75% from the amount that I'm claiming. It could have been 100% but it would most probably entail another hearing or two and having to subpoena the witness again. It's much better than the initial offer of 50% though, which I told the defense lawyer to go find awau bulan and fly it. Lawyers representing nasty companies can really be nasty sons of bitches bastards. I did tell you before that I hate lawyers, didn't I? I hate lawyers.


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8 June 2005 15:30

Yes, we are currently experiencing some verbal constipation on this website. Perhaps some pictures taken during a recent weekend trip to the Pearl Of The Orient will provide some verbal diarrhea relief then. After all, aren't pictures supposed to be worth a thousand words or something?


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Another 8,760 Hours Older

1 June 2005 02:20

I turned another 365.25 days older over the weekend, which means it's been approximately 262,980 hours since the day I got expelled from my mom's womb. If you think I'm overcompensating with these numbers, it's because people (usually the women) often undercompensate (or attempt to) when it comes to these things. Come to think of it, my existence actually began some 250-275 days earlier when two haploid cells from a certain husband and wife couple merged to become a single diploid cell. Who would have thought then that the zygote would eventually be capable of providing seemingly endless hours of geeky weirdness till today. I'm pretty sure my parents didn't think of that when they got horny that fateful night some 11,200 days ago.


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