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Make Out Song For Geeks

30 April 2005 15:23

Ooh, I love the way you dirty type
I can take you HOME on ESCape
Ooh, I need your BACKSPACE in my life
Thank God you don't have a FLATSCREEN

Please, baby I got to see you
And I really wanna please you
So get on my LAPTOP so I can DOWNLOAD

Online I love the way you LOG ON
We can do it all night
I’ll make you DOT COM

Usher - Dot Com (MP3)


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Identity Reloaded

20 April 2005 15:46

Made it through the last couple of days without getting caught by the authorities and subsequently deported to some foreign land as I initially feared. With myretrosexual looks, you can't be too careful. But there goes my chance to get out of this country and see the world a bit. Anyway, I managed to get a temporary issue identification paper, bank ATM cards, cellphone SIM card and a new phone to replace the one that got stolen last Saturday. There's still the matter of the driver's license and credit cards that needs to be settled. By the time this whole ordeal is over, I should be ready to commit into a long term relationship with a member of the opposite sex.


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Unidentifiable & Incommunicado

17 April 2005 15:52

Early this morning while I was doing my usual Saturday morning runs at a certain popular recreation park, my very inconspicuous looking car got broken into and my wallet containing the usual important identification documents, credit cards, some cash, and my trusty (and first ever... sniff!) cellphone of five years (the Nokia 6210) got stolen, leaving me incapacitated with no form of identification or means of phone communication as well as access to my own money in the bank at the moment. May the nasal follicles of the person who stole my wallet and cellphone be feasted upon by the lice of a million goats and his fingers too stubby to dig into his nose.

The monkey wrench has definitely been thrown into the works as far as my weekend plans and activities are concerned. In case if you don't hear from me again within the next few days, assume that I got deported to some foreign land along with the other illegal immigrants.


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Service With A Clue

15 April 2005 08:49

I feel like giving those people working in government agencies a clue. I think exposing them to technology has made them a spoilt bunch. Technology should never be seen as the be-all and end-all of things. It's the "process" that matters most. When some system gets offline, the least they could do is to drop into manual mode just so to keep things moving along, albeit at a slower pace. The customers would understand rather than have them wait aimlessly almost the whole day while those officers lounge around with nothing to do all day but engage in mindless chatter (very unlike those who suffer fromInternet Withdrawal Syndrome). Besides, weren't they the ones who loved those convoluted paperwork in the past anyways? It's not an easy thing for some people to apply for a day's leave to attend to such matters only to end up having to take another day's leave to come around another day, y'know.


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Things That Make Me Wet In The Pants

13 April 2005 15:24

The iPod did it for me a few months back, albeit a wee bit sticky. The other thing that can really do it for me would be rollercoasters. There was thetallest and fastest in 2000 and then there was the tallest and fastest in 2003, both at Cedar Point, the rollercoaster Mecca of the world. Now Six Flags is about to wrest it all away with their Kingda Ka ride. Check this out: the peak is 456 feet (45 stories) from the ground and it launches from 0 to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds. I'm already having an erection just reading the specs. Don't worry, I'm just gonna go ride it hands free, not stark naked. Gotta be careful not to poke anyone's eye out now.


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Streamyx Outage Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

11 April 2005 14:14

The recent outage affecting Screamyx Streamyx users saw a significant rise among Malaysian Internet users suffering fromInternet Withdrawal Syndrome. The inability to surf websites, chat, play online games, download music/movies/tv episodes via BitTorrent, email, and perhaps get some serious work done in between had most users going ballistic to the point of being manic depressive.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, an increasing number of people also exhibited the newly discoveredBlogging Deprivation Syndrome. It reportedly started when they can't blog about their Internet Withdrawal Symptom.

Update (April 12 @ 1540 hours): Om Malik has written an entry about Internet Anxiety Disorder.


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That Dumbassed Dude With A Cancer Stick

8 April 2005 15:43

If there's a prize for the most inconsiderate idiot if I saw one, it's gotta be this numbnutted nitwit whom I came across at the jogging track today who was strolling on the jogging path whilst smoking away. He was oblivious to the fact that those who were trailing on his path were upset with his antic judging by their frantic wafting away of the smoke. I doubt he was there to exercise in the first place as he wasn't even in any exercise gear for that matter.

May his pubic regions be infested by the fleas of a thousand llamas and his arms grow too short for him to reach and scratch it for depriving us of good clean oxygen and making us inhale his second hand smoke while we were exercising.


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64 Bit, Baybee!

5 April 2005 15:07

As mentioned last Thursday, I managed to download the final release version of Windows XP Professional x64 Edition from the MSDN's Subscribers' website and had it installed since then. While it isn't exactly the best thing since sliced bread yonder, it was certainly good to know that the experience was unlike with the Itanium box I had about a year ago where the only application that I can run on it was the 64 bit edition of SQL Server 2000. This time, it was able to run almost quite everything that I could shake a stick at. I'm still missing the 64 bit version of the video capture device in my box so I'm putting this in the backburner for a bit and have this installation GHOST-ed until the driver is out.

It was nice to know that someone has compiled anx64 version of Mozilla Firefox. Sweeet!

Here's the output when you run "uname -a" "winver.exe". The build number shown is the final release version of it.


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Irony Of Software Patches and Updates

1 April 2005 11:45

Y'know, it's funny when Mozilla releases updates to its Firefox browser (which I use almost exclusively these days), people tout it as A Good Thing&trade but when Microsoft releases patches or updates for their products, it becomes another nail in their coffin for releasing vulnerable software. Can't be helped as it's they themselves who have dug the hole and got consumers to subsequently brand them as such. Still, the heck with such trivialities. At the end of the day, no matter what platform or software you use, if it's vulnerable and the user/admin doesn't do anything to patch or update his or her machine accordingly, they're the ones who'd be getting nailed.

On the subject of patches, if you're running Windows Server 2003, Microsoft has just released Service Pack 1 last night. They have also made the Windows XP x64 Editon and Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition both RTM (Released To Manufacturing) and available for download to MSDN subscribers. I managed to snag the ISOs as well as the 64-bit drivers for the devices on my PC earlier today. Will be trying them out later tonight.

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