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My Web Log Brings All The Nerds To The Yard

25 February 2005 14:03

My web log brings all the nerds to the yard,
and I'm like: "Mine's better than yours!"
Damn right, it's better than yours!
I can link you, but I have to charge!

Via Chris Sells' Geek Milkshake


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Sexy Sweaty Sticky Me

18 February 2005 17:35

I have regained my form to do my 5km runs once again. I feel sexy being able to get all sweaty and sticky. Must be thempheromones. Either that or I am in one of those syok sendiri phases. Wanna whiff of it?


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Valentine's Verbiage

14 February 2005 16:08

I wanted to say the following:

"Honey, when I look into your eyes, I see the sparkle of a thousand stars, the deep of endless passion-pool, your lips as red as roses, as sweet as jasmine and vanilla ice-cream, as fulfilling as watching Manchester United get beaten at Old Trafford. Your words, flowery they are, they increase my heart's beat a thousand fold, your sweet sweet requests, they decrease my cash (but what does that matter), your taste in restaurants so elegant (and expensive...). Honey, my love for you, compare it to the rise of the moon and the tide, of the rose and the bees, of the fish and the seas, of this and that and this..."

But instead, typical me got it all lost in translation and had the whole thing sounding like this:


So there goes another chance in getting that contact with lips of the opposite sex that don't belong to a family member. The future of my gene pool is at stake and there I went worshipping the other person's nostrils and rambling about how putih melepak I am.

I need to get out more.


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Multi New Year Wishes

10 February 2005 02:24

I don't care if you're Muslim, Buddist, Hindu, Christian, Atheist, etc. etc. but if you're Chinese, a very Happy New Year to you. And I don't care too if you're Chinese, Malay, Indian, Caucasian, Arab, etc. etc. but if you're Muslim, a Happy New Year (al-Hijra) to you too.

I'm bracing for the onslaught of cock and bull stuff and abundance of people talking cock in this year of the wooden cock.

Dedicating: Jalil Hamid - Ayam (lyrics)


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