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Stranger In My Own Land

4 January 2005 14:03

Soccer is just one of those things that can make me feel like I'm living in a foreign land. The cheer is always louder for the visiting team than our own national team for some reason, despite playing on our own turf. In tonight's Tiger Cup semi final match, I guess it's quite acceptable since there are quite a number of "expatriates" from the visiting team's country living here. When Manchester United or the Brazillian soccer team came some time ago though, I sure as heck was stumped figuring out whether Mancunians or Brazillians have decided to settle in our country by the boatloads as well. Must be tough playing in the Malaysian soccer team. Every game will either be an away game orfeels like an away game.


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The Year In Two Paragraphs

1 January 2005 03:54

The first half of the year saw me having a couple of pebbles in the garden hose, someone accidentally renovated my apartment, I then eventually moved out from my parents crib and into my own pad.

In the second half of it, I had some more pebbles in the garden hose, Afdlin Shauki sat on me, AF2 fans flocking for a preview of Kau Kembali, I got infected with bacterial pneumonia and finally orgasmed over my iPod.

So see ya, 2004! Oh wait, I won't see it again, will I?


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