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Wading Through Life

28 December 2004 12:55

Amidst the sad news that I'm confronted with almost everywhere today about the devastation and loss caused by the tsunami, it's good to hear that some managed to wade through it fine. Some friends up north had their weddings go on without much incident over the weekend. The day certainly turned for the brighter upon learning that a good friend was blessed with a healthy baby girl early this morning. Alhamdulillah, praise be to God.

Life, as they say, goes on.


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Twelfth Bug Of Christmas

25 December 2004 10:13

For the twelfth bug of Christmas, my manager said to me:
Tell them it's a feature;
Say it's not supported;
Change the documentation;
Blame it on the hardware;
Find a way around it;
Say they need an upgrade;
Reinstall the software;
Ask for a dump;
Run with the debugger;
Try to reproduce it;
Ask them how they did it and
See if they can do it again.

Source: Phineas T. Manbottle Library of Arcane Knowledge and Questionable Humor

A very Merry Christmas/Chanukkah/Kwanzaa, to all geeks and nerds celebrating it!


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Mixtapes From My Yesteryears

24 December 2004 14:03

While some people regard mixtapes as the poor-man's version of compilation albums, I think certain mixtapes have their own charm and appeal, especially ones that were personally compiled. The choice of songs, the sequence of the songs' recordings and the "linear" playback nature of the audio cassette tape all provide "personality" to the mixtapes. I used to make lots of mixtapes when I was in my teens till I was through uni/college. Although the initial intention of recording them was for the convinience of not having to change tapes or CDs to listen to my favorite tunes (especially for those roadtrips during the summers of my college/uni years), some of the mixtapes have that certain "emotional association" to it as they accompanied me during certain parts and journeys in my life. Listening to this one that I like to call Roadtrippin' Like It's 1999 for instance, was like opening a time capsule that brought back the "feel" of those times. From the mellow sounds of Dave Matthews Band to the hard crunching stuff by Limp Bizkit and Korn to smooth hiphop/r&b by Tyrese and SWV, it just brings 1999 all back to me. I'm featuring it on Cybersonique!FM right now.

Wikipedia has more on mixtapes.


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Why Your Movable Type Blog Must Die - The Redux

20 December 2004 03:02

It apparently is causing massive strains on webservers (Slashdot submission at Comment Spams Straining Servers Running MT) that webhosting companies have even resorted to disabling Movable Type on their servers altogether. This 'prediction' was noted earlier in Why Your Movable Type Blog Must Die. Jay Allen (of the MT-Blacklist fame) has posted a full description of the spam load issue plaguing the widely used personal publishing tool and has acknowledged it as a major bug in MT. Those running MT who are getting complaints from their hosting companies might wanna try theseworkarounds to combat comment spam for now. Or use a different tool/service altogether...


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15 December 2004 17:50

Opening the package of the newly purchased 40GB Apple iPod was certainly an orgasmic experience. Merely holding the box package in my hands already made me squirt a little. I think I ejaculated a bit when I opened the box and took the wrappers off the earbuds, firewire/usb cables, power adapter and the docking bay. As you might have guessed, by the time I got my hands on the iPod itself, I had myself totally creamed.

And you wonder why this geek is sans girlfriend sometimes.


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Malaysians And The Blinking Lights On Their Cars

11 December 2004 07:32

Malaysian drivers generally do not turn their cars' indicator lights on when they're about to make left or right turns or when switching lanes. Some actually do, but they only do it when they're already turning.

On the other hand, Malaysian drivers DO like to turn BOTH indicator lights (hazard lights) on when driving in heavy rain. It gets really fun, especially for those behind them, when the driver is the kind who switches lanes a lot while driving on the highway.

If the police force ever needs money on a rainy day, just make the latter an offence and impose the on-the-spot maximum fine of RM300 to any driver who commits it. If that isn't made an offence, car makers can save costs by taking out the indicator lights. After all, no one really bothers to use it properly here.


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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked

9 December 2004 06:18

Watch Ah Wong play the Wok 'N Woll.


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Makan Beradab

7 December 2004 05:53

When Mary got married...

Faisal: "Yang... Tengoklah I bila you nak suap tu, Yang.
Sudu you tu nak masuk hidung I lah, Yang..."

Marina: "Eh! Ye ke? Alamak, segannya!"

Marina: "Okay! Okay! Kali ni I tengok you, ye?
Nah, bukak mulut... aummmm!"
Faisal: "Camtulah isteri abang!"

May that cuteness stay on throughout their married life! More pictures in Selamat Pengantin Baru, Marina & Faisal.


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How To Develop Jaws Like David Coulthard

4 December 2004 06:16

It doesn't take much apparently. Just chew on about a ringgit's worth of some stiff keropok lekor a day and you're good to go. I had some right after Friday prayers just now (near Masjid Mujahidin, Damansara Utama) and I already can't feel my jaws. I'm thinking chewing on those Wrigley's chewing gums for jaw exercises are for wussies now.


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Am I Not Supposed To Have What I Want?

2 December 2004 19:38

"You say you can't sleep. Heart break? Bad Dreams? Kind of makes you mad not to know who you are, doesn't it? Your soul disappears, nothing is bad as uncertainty. Maybe you're not supposed to be doing what you're doing. That's why you keep falling. But you'll always have a choice."


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