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Last Call For Them Raya Greeting Cards!

30 October 2004 00:24

Several hundred million people have already sent in their addresses to which the Hari Raya Greeting cards (actual one that you can hold in your hands and read, NOT those e-cards that you get via email) will be sent to. It's still not too late to send in yours if you still haven't. Read my earlier posting on The Eid Greeting Card Initiative to clue yourself in on what it's all about. As mentioned, it's open to everyone of various ethnicity and belief. If you're a Hindu, you'll get a Diwali card, of course! To get y'all in the mood, I'm throwing in some Hari Raya songs intoCybersonique!FM's playlist from today onwards.


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iWant This iPod

29 October 2004 07:23

I got some serious hard-on jones over Apple's new iPod Photo. But since it's Ramadhan, I've got to practice restraint and not let lust take over me into buying it right off the shelf once it reaches our shores. Furthermore, none of the machines in my possession has a USB2.0 or Firewire port so I suppose it can really wait, probably till early next year after I have built my next PC. Meanwhile, I gotta take care of this hard-on. Think "Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day... Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day..."


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The Eid Greeting Card Initiative

26 October 2004 06:49

One of the things that brought me joy when I was a kid was sending and receiving Hari Raya greeting cards via snail mail. The last couple of years, people have resorted to sending e-cards via email and such, most likely for it's convinience. At the insistence of the kid in me, I would like to indulge in a tiny initiative to send Hari Raya greeting cards to those who would send me their addresses (home or office) via thecontact page. Do not worry about the addresses gathered for it will not be used to send anything else (e.g. direct marketing materials, stalkers, Ah Longs, etc.) but just the Hari Raya greeting card itself (or a certain other kinda invitiation card in the future. Heh!). It's open to everyone of various ethnicity and belief. Just make sure you do so before this Friday, October 29th. ;)


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Re-Introducing Cybersonique!FM

19 October 2004 02:23

Back in July last year, I did a bit of an experiment in webcasting that was CybersoniqueFM. While it was considered quite a success (at least by my own yardstick), it was only limited to Windows users who had Windows Media Player installed thus effectively shutting out non-Windows and also non-Windows Media Player users. I have rectified that now and am reintroducing a more universal version of Cybersonique!FM that is non-player and non-OS specific. The only requirement is that if you're behind a firewall, it needs to have port 8000 open. It currently features some electronica and hiphop/r&b mixes by yours truly at the moment. Feel free to try it out and lemme know how it sounds on your end. I can't guarantee if the stuff bleeds your ears though. Here's the link to Cybersonique!FM.


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Alright, Children. Let's Huddle Up!

13 October 2004 10:35

Dedicated to ALL Malaysians for their recentwin in Malaysian Idol.


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It's Like This And Like That And Like This And Uh

9 October 2004 02:42

You gotta doodat doodat doodoo datdatdat, girl
I'm gonna doodat doodat doodoo datdatdat, boy
Let me see you doodat doodat doodoo datdatdat, girl
Only if you doodat doodat doodoo datdatdat, boy

Okay lah, I'll do it!


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No More Tongkat Ali Kool Aid, Please!

4 October 2004 18:51

If there's anything that our local press has a knack for, it must be their ability in making a mountain out of a molehill and barking up the wrong tree due to their own failure to comprehend the context and situation of things. And they're frighteningly consistent at it too. Check it out:Instant Cafe Theatre's Boleh-wood show, Anita Sarawak's "Seksis", and now Jeff Ooi's Screenshots. What's worse is that when the supposed offending party responds, they chose not to highlight it in full just so their case stands despite their obvious lack of any legs to stand on, at least as perceived by those who do not drink their Tongkat Ali Kool Aid. Perhaps they deemed that there just aren't that many people worth making the brew to make their numbers.


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The Increasing Cost Of Driving On Our Roads

2 October 2004 00:25

Petrol prices just got hiked 5 sen per litre. It doesn't mean that you're gonna get better quality fuel that'll make your vehicle run smoother though. Just like how the toll rates on our premium roads got increased but the journey is still like a being tortoise in a tar pit (which really isn't helping as far as fuel consumption is concerned). Heck, some of our roads are even on the verge of falling apart. We're really not getting our money's worth on the roads these days, are we?


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