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12 May 2004 05:12

Teejay sent word that there's a new radio station (still unnamed) in town that's currently going through its paces over 92.0FM in the Klang Valley. It took me a while to figure out what kind of stuff they're playing until I realized that they're playing nothing but local music be it in Malay, English, Mandarin or Tamil. Most of the stuff that they have got on their playlist are pretty urban stuff from the likes of local hip hop groups (Ruffedge, Da Joint, Muchachaz, Chakrasonic) to pop (Ning Baizura, Nur Fatima, Ferhad, Victor Wong, etc.) to alternative rock (OAG, Butterfingers, Exist, Black Maria). Since this is coming fromAMP Radio Networks, the very same people that brought you Hitz.FM, Era.FM, My.FM, etc. you can pretty much expect it to be a format radio station like its other siblings.


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Ex-Boilermakers' Wedding Weekend

9 May 2004 15:03

Two ex-Boilermakers had their wedding receptions today. First up was Part II of Firdaus and Fawzana's wedding at the groom's place in Penang (their picture page has been updated with pictures taken today). I was joined by other ex-Boilers Md. Zin, Bart and Jahang there. Immediately after that, I was off to Ipoh for Eijatt and Fara's reception (pictures below). I was joined by ex-Boilers Ustad, Hanif, Jimmy, Salleh and Asroll. I've already made it back home to KL at this time of writing and I'm really high on nasi kandar and obviously nasi minyak right now. Curiously, only the guys made their appearances at both events today. Whatever happened to them ex-Boiler gals, lah? Heheh! :P Anyways, Selamat Pengantin Baru to both couples! Here's wishing a good life ahead for the four of you!

Dedicating: Alice Peacock (feat. John Mayer) - Bliss


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Songs And Movies For Mother's Day

8 May 2004 04:48

Songs: Hey Mamma (Black Eyed Peas), Song For Mama (Boyz II Men), Mama (Spice Girls), Good Mother (Jann Arden), Mother (Tori Amos), Untukmu Ibu (Exist)

Movies: Stepmom, Freaky Friday, Anywhere But Here, My Stepmother Is An Alien, Ibu Mertuaku


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Those Idiotic, Inconsiderate, Numbnutted Nitwits

7 May 2004 14:54

There are just too many idiotic, inconsiderate, numbnutted nitwits out there going about doing things without even the slightest hint in the world on how their actions affect other people around them. How would your family being passengers in your car were to react if I were to recklessly overtake your vehicle by squeezing in at an impossible angle between two lanes on the highway? How would you feel if I were to come around disposing my waste in the corridor of your home? What if I were to swing by your house and relief myself by spraying all over the toilet and just leave without even bothering to flush? Would you mind if I were to cut queue right in front of you just as you're about to reach the counter after spending a long time queueing? There are times when I feel like retaliating by doing the same. After all, do unto others what others have done unto you. Then again, why even bother. I'd be no different than those idiotic, inconsiderate numbnutted, nitwits themselves if I were to do so.


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Selamat Pengantin Baru: Firdaus & Fawzana

2 May 2004 10:25

Firdaus a.k.a. Penang tied the knot with his sweetheart Fawzana noon today. Most of us who stayed together in the same apartment/house with him during our uni days were there to accompany him and his family to the bride's place at Damansara for the akad nikah ceremony. Both looked every bit the happy couple, as is evident from the pictures! Here's wishing all the joy and bliss for the couple in the years to come!


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