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Stark Naked Riders

29 May 2004 08:09

I'm a rollercoaster nut enthusiast. I like to ride all the rides hands free and on front row center no matter how tall, fast, twisted, deranged they are. I'm all for elevating and heightening the level of excitement on them rides but these kids have taken it at a whole new level altogether when they rode the 'Nemesis Inferno' ride clothes free as part of a new world record attempt on the most number of naked riders on a rollercoaster. I hope the park attendants washed and disinfected the seats after that.


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More Amazing Things In Small Packages

28 May 2004 01:57

Last month, I wrote about this Doom 3 like game called.krieger that is only 96kb in size. I'm sure many people were stumped and curious to know how that much stuff got cramped into such a tiny executable. The guys behind it, Farbrausch, are no strangers in the demoscene as they have been producing many, many mindblowing demos that defy their 64kb sizes such as.the .product, Poem To A Horse, Candytron among others. Read up on the technology behind .the .product and a quick guide from one of the programmers, Tammo Hinrichs a.k.a. KB, on how the programmers (particularly in the demoscene) these days should Fucking Learn To Code Again. Hardcore!


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Picky Choosy

26 May 2004 10:23

I admit to being quite picky when it comes to wanting things. People around me often complain that when it comes to getting things for myself, it'll take a fair bit of time before they see me make my mind up and when I've finally made my mind up, it's really difficult to sway me any other way. There is a problem with this of course, and that is some things are just limited in terms of their availability and I'm sometimes left with absolutely nothing in the end. Despite that, those decisions have often enough held to be correct and I certainly am glad to have them done that way than any other way. I mean, I don't have that much resources in hand to afford much trial and error and see stuff being wasted altogether. I know it does make me "rigid" in certain ways but I figure it's better this way than having to correct mistakes that'll prove to be costlier to fix. To quote what my a friend of mine always say, "Make a mistake once, take it as a learning experience. Do it twice or more, you're definitely a dumbass."

Yes, this is most probably why I have that darned dysfunctional defense mechanism and why I'm immune from any urges for impulse retail therapy. Never cross me out if you're thinking of going shopping though. They say since I don't get much stuff, I make a helluva good walking talking shopping cart and a coat rack (which was not too long ago).


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Shrek 2

22 May 2004 13:44

If you thought the first installment was a riot, wait till you see its sequel! You know you're not in for a typical computer animated movie when you have Lipps Inc's "Funkytown" in one of the movie's opening sequences and Fairy Godmother belting out Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out For A Hero" in one of the many hilarious sequences. Shrek 2 follows its predecessor's trend in that it takes typical fairy tale characters and situations and subsequently blends and mashes them up with contemporary pop culture references and moments that leaves you in stitches all the way till the credit rolls! At times, I did find myself getting distracted from the storyline with all the gags and spoofs that were being thrown about (Pinnochio's rescue of Shrek from the Knights' keep ala Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible was priceless!). But all in all, Shrek 2 is good fun to watch and I really wouldn't mind going for a second helping of this sequel!


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Pria Sdn. Bhd.

21 May 2004 06:48

Moving out from the house (and room) that I have spent most of my life growing up in wasn't so much of a big deal really. After all, I've done that couple of times before when I went to boarding school, preparatory college and then university. Even a couple of years back, I got sent to Thailand and Singapore for long stints on work related assignments when I was with my former company. But in all those times, it's never really been totally on my own as there's always a group of people that I'm living with. This time however, it's different as I could pretty much go about my daily personal life at my own pace. It's not to say that I never had the freedom to do so when I'm staying with other people but I guess I've been brought up to respect a common set of rules when living under the same roof as other people. Still, as much as I like this new degree of freedom, it's no fun when you come back to an empty home at the end of the day. That's different from what I had last time too.


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The Vicious Perpetual Downward Spiral

19 May 2004 12:39

It was my morbid curiosity more than anything else that actually brought me to watch (and stomach) that video showing an American civillian being decapitated in the hands of cold-blooded extremist militants. Then there's this article whichquestions the authenticity of the video and the timing of its release with all the flak the US is receiving in light of the prison abuse that took place in Iraq at the moment (something along the lines of "if you think what we did to them in prison was horrible, look what they're doing to our people in captivity"). I'm not one to subscribe to any conspiracy theories but violence will beget more violence and this vicious circle is on a perpetual downward spiral judging from how things are being handled in the region at the moment.

Listening to: Sheila On 7 - Berhenti Berharap


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The Red Pill Effects

18 May 2004 06:50

I really don't feel like doing anything this week but just sleep, sleep and vegetate for the sake of recuperating. I still haven't caught up with myself after a whirlwind of activities the whole of last week. I was really looking forward to having a good weekend's rest but alas I fell ill instead. The weather isn't really helping either. Now Monday is here and the nose is back to the grindstone. At times, I do feel like I'm spreading myself too thin and I find myself sometimes asking whether this is all worth it in the end. I have no answer for that. I tookThe Red Pill and now God probably wants to show me how deep the rabbit hole goes if I keep at it. I just pray that He will give me the strength to proceed with this endeavor and let me live to see what's at the end of it.


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Fuzzpedals And Geetar Stabz Are Cool

16 May 2004 18:27

Felt compelled to include this bit of Khia's My Neck, My Back (click to listen to MP3 sample) into the mix track I'm currently working on. Fits in nicely among other tracks featuring fuzzpedals, geetarz and turntable scratches from The Crystal Method, The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. Now where the heck did I stash my Nine Inch Nails CD...


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What's The Worst That Could Happen

14 May 2004 02:44

Sometime last week, Atie a.k.a. Tasia was in town so I brought her, Suria and Adik out to lunch at at a restaurant in Taman Tun. As I was about to pick up the tab, I realized that the money that I withdrew earlier from the ATM is not in my wallet! All that was in there were the ATM receipt that I withdrew the money and some cash that I had beforehand. I don't have any issues with going Dutch actually but when the expectation is otherwise, it certainly doesn't do much to the fledging "currency" or "stock" that I currently hold for myself. :P And I still can't find that darned money till today. :(

There's a theory going around that it happened 'cos Lina got "inadvertently" left out for the lunch outing and thus casted some voodoo magic from her office which is not too far off from where we were at. :P Next time! Promise!


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The Crib V1.0

12 May 2004 18:03

After over one year since V0.9, then the accidental renovation a month ago and then and my recent exodus to the apartment a.k.a. The Phuturecrib, the place can now be finally declared as feature complete at V1.0. No more "patches, upgrades, service packs", etc. is expected for the next several months to come I hope. :P The pictures below show its before and after states. Here's a sneak peek of how it's like in the main living/dining area. Wanna see more, especially the infamous green tiles? Do come and swing by the place! Bring food as well. It's always welcomed with open mouth and empty tummy! ;)


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